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What is the Spond Superdraw Seller Incentive and how does it work?

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Every month, Spond rewards its most successful Superdraw fundraisers with the Superdraw Seller Incentive. The aim is to recognise and celebrate the top sellers across all Superdraw campaigns for that month.

On this page, you'll find everything you need to know about the Spond Superdraw Seller Incentive.

The Big Reward

Typically, the main reward is a Β£100 Amazon Gift Card for the top seller across all Superdraw campaigns. This means the one person in the UK who sells more Superdraw entries than anyone else.

In some special draws, second and third-placed sellers might also receive a gift card reward. The specifics will always be made clear in the details of each monthly draw, so be sure to keep an eye out for updates both on the Spond app and the official Spond website.

The Finer Details

  • Operator: This incentive is offered by Spond Ltd.

  • Eligibility: Only those sellers nominated by their club or group admin to sell entries for a Spond Superdraw fundraising campaign can participate.

  • Age Restrictions: Sellers aged under 18 years must get explicit consent from their parent or guardian to take part in Spond Superdraw. Should they win, their Β£100 Amazon Gift Card reward will be dispatched to the designated parent or guardian on their behalf.

  • Offer Duration: This incentive will encompass the whole month, running in parallel with the dates of each Spond Superdraw and concluding when sales close on the last day of each month,

  • Determining the Winner: The title of top seller goes to the campaigner who achieves the highest sales (in GBP) across all Superdraw campaigns in the relevant month. For 100% clarity, this means the one person in the UK who sells more Superdraw entries than anyone else.

  • The Reward: A Β£100 Amazon Gift Card awaits the victor. There are no cash alternatives or substitutions, and the reward cannot be transferred.

Terms and Conditions

Refer to the Spond Superdraw Seller Incentive Terms and Conditions for full details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can qualify for the Spond Superdraw Seller Incentive?

  • To qualify for the incentive, you must be a seller (also referred to as 'campaigner' or 'fundraiser') nominated by your club or group admin to sell entries for a Spond Halloween Superdraw fundraising campaign.

I'm under 18. Can I be part of the Spond Superdraw Seller Incentive?

  • Yes, if you're below 18, you can participate. However, you'll need explicit permission and supervision from a parent or guardian. If you win, the reward will be sent to the adult you've nominated.

What can I win with the Spond Superdraw Seller Incentive?

  • Typically, the reward is a Β£100 Amazon Gift Card for the top seller. However, the exact reward can vary, and sometimes additional incentives might be offered to other top sellers. All variations will be publicly announced.

Is there a minimum amount I need to sell to qualify for the Spond Superdraw Seller Incentive?

  • There isn't a specific minimum amount mentioned. However, the winner is determined based on the highest monetary value of entries sold for that particular month's Superdraw.

Can I exclude myself from the Spond Superdraw Seller Incentive?

  • All nominated sellers are automatically entered into this incentive. While you can't exclude yourself from the running, if you win, you have the option to decline the reward.

My campaign started mid-month. Can I still win the Spond Superdraw Seller Incentive?

  • Absolutely! The incentive considers all sales throughout the entire month, regardless of when you began your campaign.

I'm a parent or guardian. Can I exclude my child from the Spond Superdraw Seller Incentive?

  • While you cannot specifically exclude your child from the incentive, as mentioned above, any rewards won by those under 18 will be sent to their nominated adult. The winner can also choose to decline the reward.

I won the Spond Superdraw Seller Incentive, but I don't want an Amazon Giftcard. Are there any alternatives?

  • The terms state that the reward is non-transferable and non-negotiable, with no cash or other alternatives offered. This means the Amazon Gift Card is the only reward on offer for the winner.

How is the winner monthly notified?

  • The winning seller will be contacted by Spond Ltd after the conclusion of the Superdraw for that month.

If I decline the reward, can I still participate in future Spond Superdraw Seller Incentives?

  • Yes, declining a reward from one month's incentive does not affect your eligibility for future incentives.

What if I don't agree with the winner?

  • Spond's decision regarding all aspects of the incentive offer, including the determination of the winner, is final and binding. No discussions or correspondences regarding the decision will be entertained.

Do I need to take part in any publicity if I win?

  • Winners may be asked to participate in publicity for Spond Superdraw. If you're below 18, parental or guardian consent will be needed. Participation in publicity is not mandatory, and you can choose to decline.

Can Spond change the terms of the incentive after it's started?

  • Spond reserves the right to amend or cancel the offer and its terms and conditions at any time without prior notice, especially if circumstances arise outside of its control.

Where can I find the primary terms and conditions of the Spond Superdraw?

  • You can find them here.

How often are these incentives offered?

  • The Spond Superdraw Seller Incentive is a monthly event, run in parallel with each monthly Superdraw.

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