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Club Website: Managing Pages
Club Website: Managing Pages

How to add, remove and manage pages in Club Website from Spond.

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In the 'Pages' section, you can create various types of pages for your website, such as 'About Us', 'Team Pages', 'Club Events', and more. Each page provides the flexibility to add text, images, and links as needed.

Creating a Page:

  • Click 'Create Page' in the top-right corner.

  • Enter the page name.

  • Add content (hover over the dividing line between 'Heading' and 'Custom content' to reveal a plus sign).

  • Complete the 'Hero' and 'Custom' sections (details below).

  • Publish the page.

Custom and Hero Content:

  • Custom: The 'Custom content' field allows you to add your desired information. On the left, 'Start writing your content' includes a plus sign that lets you insert text, lists, tables, images, and headings.

  • Hero: The 'Content for main banner' field lets you add a title, upload an introductory image, and write introductory text for the main banner.

NOTE: All created pages are listed in the overview and indicate whether they've been added to the website's navigation. A red warning triangle means the page hasn't been included in the navigation.


Why is there a red warning triangle under navigation?

This means the page hasn't been added to the website's navigation and thus won't appear in your website's menu. You can adjust this under 'Navigation' in the left-hand menu. Read more about navigation in the Navigation guide.

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