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Club Website: Navigation settings
Club Website: Navigation settings

How to setup and update the Navigation settings in Club Website from Spond

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Here, you can configure your website's navigation. Start by adding the pages you've created under 'Pages'. To appear in the menu, each page must be included in the Navigation section.

How to Add a New Page to Navigation:

  1. Select 'Navigation' from the side menu.

  2. Click on 'Add element'.

  3. Choose a name for the element (this will be displayed in the navigation).

  4. Choose a page.

  5. Press 'Add'.

Element Types:

  • Category: Not a page itself but a menu item for grouping other pages.

  • Page: A page you've created in Spond Club.

  • Link: A link to an external page, not created within Spond Club.

You can rearrange the elements by dragging them into the desired sequence. To do this, hover over the dots to the right and drag the element manually. This feature allows you to organise multiple submenus under a main category.

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