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Spond Club: How to Use Auto Approval

Auto Approval is a new feature member signup forms in Spond's club management solution - Spond Club

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The Auto Approval feature in Spond Club streamlines the membership signup process by enabling automatic approval for new members. This guide provides an overview of how the Auto Approval feature works, its benefits, and how club admins like you can set it up to make managing club memberships easier and more efficient.

Benefits of Auto Approval

  • Time Efficiency: Auto Approval significantly reduces the time it takes for new members to be approved, allowing for immediate access to Spond Club services.

  • Reduced Administrative Work: By automating the approval process, you and your fellow club admins can focus more on club activities and less on paperwork.

  • Enhanced Member Experience: New members enjoy a seamless and quick signup process, improving overall satisfaction and engagement with the club.

How Auto Approval Works

Auto Approval allows clubs to automatically accept new members upon their application, without the need for manual approval, regardless of whether a payment is required at the time of signup. Here’s how it enhances your Spond Club setup:

  1. Setup: As a club admin, you can enable the Auto Approval feature through your Spond Club dashboard.

  2. Member Signup: When a new member signs up, the system automatically processes their application based on the predefined criteria you have set,

  3. Immediate Activation: Upon approval, the member is immediately activated and gains access to their Spond Club account and resources.

Setting Up Auto Approval

Auto Approval feature in Spond Club signup forms

To enable the Auto Approval feature, follow these steps:

  1. Log In: Access your Spond Club admin dashboard.

  2. Navigate to Settings: Go to the ‘Forms’ section.

  3. Enable Auto Approval: Open an existing form or create a new one, and select the 'Enable auto approval' option.

Getting the Most from Auto Approval

Auto Approval is designed to help Spond Club admins reduce manual tasks and provide a faster, more welcoming experience for new members. By enabling this feature, you can enhance operational efficiency and focus on growing your club community.

  • Define Clear Criteria: Ensure that your membership criteria are well defined to prevent any confusion during the signup process.

  • Monitor Regularly: Liaise with new members on the simplicity and content of your signup forms to ensure they are user-friendly and fit for purpose.

  • Communicate with Members: Keep prospective and new members informed about what to expect during the signup process.

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