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Spond Club: How to Use Membership Renewal

How to use the Membership Renewal feature in Spond's club management solution - Spond Club

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The Membership Renewal feature in Spond Club offers a simplified process designed to save time and stress for both club admins and members. This feature is part of our ongoing efforts to streamline admin tasks and improve overall efficiency within the Spond platform.

Membership Renewal is a feature designed to make the membership management process as effortless as possible, allowing club admins to focus more on their club activities and less on paperwork. By simplifying the renewal process, Spond Club helps ensure that members remain engaged and satisfied with their club experience.

What is Membership Renewal?

Membership Renewal is a feature that automates the membership renewal process. It ensures that existing members can re-register with their club quickly and without any hassle. By sending a personalised renewal link with pre-populated information, Membership Renewal eliminates the need for members to fill out their details repeatedly, reducing errors and preventing duplicate entries.

How Membership Renewal Works

Membership Renewal allows you to send personal renewal links with pre-populated data fields, which enables you to re-register existing members more quickly while ensuring they have provided the most up to date information, including consenting to Club T&Cs and Photo Consent policies.

How to Use Membership Renewal: Step-by-Step

To start using Membership Renewal, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Forms

  2. Select ‘Club registration forms’

  3. Select the form you wish to use

  4. Choose recipients - Tell us who should receive the form

  5. Select all, add a filter, or select individual recipients

  6. Check the list of intended recipients and click ‘Next’

  7. Choose how long the the signup link should be live

  8. Add the subject and message text

  9. Press Send and the form will automatically be sent to the selected recipients with their personal details pre-inserted

  10. You can check who has received and viewed the message on your Messages tab

  11. You can monitor the renewal process through your admin dashboard. You can see who has renewed, who hasn’t, and manage follow-ups accordingly.

Benefits of Membership Renewal

  • Efficiency: Reduces the time and effort required to manage the renewal process.

  • Accuracy: Minimises errors and prevents duplicate member entries.

  • Member Satisfaction: Provides a smooth, hassle-free renewal experience for members.

  • Administrative Control: Even with automation, you retain full visibility of members and control of the renewal process.

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