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Club Website: FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Club Website from Spond.

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General Information

What benefits does the Club Website feature offer?

With the Club Website feature from Spond, you can manage your club’s digital presence efficiently while integrating your events, payments, memberships, and communication. This centralised platform reduces administrative time and ensures your online identity is professional and consistent.

How can I control my Club Website effectively?

You can manage your website through the Spond Club dashboard. By using this centralised control, you ensure that your website's content aligns with your overall club activities and branding.

How long is the trial period, and what is the cost afterward?

The Club Website feature includes a six-month trial period. After the trial ends, the subscription costs:

  • UK (GBP) - £15

  • Eurozone - €15

  • CHE - 15

  • Canada (CAN) - $24

NOTE: You can cancel anytime before the trial period concludes to avoid future charges.

Creating and Managing Pages

How do I create a new page on my Club Website?

Click 'Create Page' in the top-right corner of the dashboard. Enter a name for your page and add content by hovering over the dividing line between 'Heading' and 'Custom content' to reveal a plus sign. Complete the 'Hero' and 'Custom' sections, then click 'Publish'.

What is the difference between 'Hero' and 'Custom' content?

  • Hero: The 'Content for main banner' section allows you to add a banner title, upload an introductory image, and write introductory text.

  • Custom: The 'Custom content' field is where you can add text, tables, lists, images, and headings to the main body.

Why is there a red warning triangle in navigation?

A red warning triangle signifies that a page hasn't been added to the website's navigation. Adjust this in the 'Navigation' section to ensure the page appears in your website's menu.


How do I add a new page to navigation?

Select 'Navigation' from the side menu, then click 'Add element'. Name the navigation item, select a page, and click 'Add'.

Can I reorder the navigation elements on my Club Website?

Yes, hover over the dots to the right and manually drag elements into the desired order. This lets you arrange submenus and organise pages under main categories.

What are the different types of navigation elements available?

  • Category: Groups other pages but isn't a page itself.

  • Page: A page you've created through Spond Club.

  • Link: Links to external pages not created within Spond Club.

Domain Management

How do I connect a custom domain to my Club Website?

In the 'Theme' section, select 'Domain', paste your custom domain link into 'Connect a domain you already own', and click 'Save'.

What precautions should I take before connecting my custom domain?

Connecting your custom domain may temporarily interrupt access to your current website. Check with your domain registrar to understand the implications and ensure you have control over the DNS settings.

How long does DNS propagation take for the custom domain to reflect my Club Website?

  1. DNS propagation can take from a few minutes to 72 hours to ensure that visitors worldwide are directed to your new Club Website.


How do I add a sponsor to my Club Website?

Click the plus button, enter the sponsor's website URL, upload the logo (up to 600x600 pixels), and click 'Save'.

How many sponsors can be displayed on the homepage?

You can choose to display all sponsor agreements or specify a custom number to appear on the homepage.

How can I remove an existing sponsor from my Club Website?

Click 'Manage' under Sponsors, hover over the logo you'd like to remove, and click the bin icon that appears.

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