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Everything you need to know about setting up and managing a Spond Superdraw campaign

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Spond Superdraw - FAQs for Group Admins

Spond Superdraw - FAQs for Group Admins

What is Spond Superdraw?

Spond Superdraw is the most exciting way yet for your team to raise money in Spond.

Every month, we run a networked prize draw for participating groups in Spond, in which you, your members and your supporters have the chance to win unbelievable prizes in an online draw.

In each Spond Superdraw, we giveaway guaranteed prizes, ranging from cash and games consoles to gift vouchers.

Spond Superdraw works brilliantly as a fundraiser. Create a campaign for your team in Spond and then we’ll pay you a share of every digital Superdraw entry you sell. It's that simple.

Whether you sell thousands of entries or just a handful, you will always receive your share of the proceeds and, because Spond provides all of the prizes, there's absolutely no risk to your team.

How does Spond Superdraw work?

  • Spond runs one Spond Superdraw every calendar month and the draw takes place around the last day of the month. Groups can set up and promote a campaign and join the draw at any time.

  • The draw is networked and all prizes are supplied by Spond, which means you get to keep 50% of all entries sold by your group. The other 50% is retained by Spond to cover administration of the draw and the prize(s).

  • The prize(s) will change each month and will be clearly advertised on the draw pages in the Fundraising section of the Spond app.

  • Group admins promoting a campaign can nominate members to sell entries for Spond Superdraw, and they will each receive their own personalised fundraising page.

  • All aspects of the draw itself, apart from sale of entries, are managed by Spond, which means you can focus all your energies on maximising sales for your group.

Why should I set up and promote a Spond Superdraw campaign?

Many groups need a little help right now, and a lot of these are also struggling for volunteer resources and support. Here at Spond, we want to do our bit, and we believe that simple fundraising tools are a genuinely game changing addition to our sports team management platform. With Spond Superdraw, we do the hard work for you, so all you need to do is sell entries. Whether it’s fundraising for a specific project, new kit or simply to top up group funds, it’s one more tool you can try to keep the funds coming in, without taking hours of admin time.

Is Spond Superdraw a lottery?

No, Spond Superdraw is compliant with relevant gaming legislation that does not require a lottery licence. Under the laws of Great Britain, it is permitted to arrange a free prize draw with a choice of entry. Participants in Spond Superdraw can choose the paid entry route or enter for free by sending a letter through the post.

When I set up and promote a Spond Superdraw campaign, what am I doing?

Spond Superdraw is operated by Spond Ltd and, when you set up and promote a campaign for your group, you are marketing Spond Superdraw on behalf of Spond, for which you will be paid a fee equal to 50% of the total sales achieved by your group.

Who is the organiser of Spond Superdraw?

The organiser of Spond Superdraw is Spond Ltd, a company registered in England&Wales, with registered address at Profile West Suite 2, First Floor 950 Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 9ES. When you set up and promote a campaign, your group is marketing Spond Superdraw on behalf of Spond, the operator.

Who can set up and promote a Spond Superdraw campaign?

Any admin of a group using the Spond app in Great Britain can set up and promote a Spond Superdraw campaign to benefit their group. It is the responsibility of the individual setting up the campaign to make sure they have the authority and/or permissions to do so (ie. If fundraising decisions are made by a committee, permission should be obtained in line group procedures). You must also comply with the following:

My group is based in Northern Ireland. Can we set up a Spond Superdraw campaign?

No, due to local laws it is not possible to set up (or enter) a Spond Superdraw campaign in Northern Ireland.

How do I set up and promote a Spond Superdraw campaign for my group?

It’s simple. Go to the Fundraising tab in the Spond app and follow the simple step by step process. set up and promote the draw, share it with your members, who will receive their own personalised fundraising pages, and you’re all sert. It only takes a couple of minutes.

What will Spond give me when I set up and promote my Spond Superdraw campaign?

Spond will manage all aspects of the campaign, so you can focus on selling entries to raise money for your group:

  • A dedicated page for your Spond Superdraw campaign based on the details provided by you, including sales figures for your group and details of which members have sold the most entries.

  • Individual fundraising pages for all members nominated to sell Spond Superdraw entries.

  • Processing of payments.

  • All prizes are paid out and/or paid for by Spond.

  • Management of Spond Superdraw itself and selection of the winners.

  • Verification of the identity and eligibility of the prize winners and payment/delivery of the prize.

Why do I need to re-enter my bank details?

We enable fundraising at a group level, so you can fundraise for individual groups or your whole club. You can enter a dedicated bank account for each group, or the same account details for all group campaigns. We ask you to enter the bank details where you want the income from your Spond Superdraw campaign to be sent so that you have the flexibility to choose your preferred payment account.

How can I see the progress of my active fundraising campaigns in the app?

Simply go back to the fundraising tab in the Spond app and you can view all active fundraising campaigns you have set up.

Will Spond help me to set up and promote my first Spond Superdraw campaign?

Yes. The setup process for Spond Superdraw campaigns is simple and straightforward. We take you through it step by step and there is even a brief video at the beginning to show you how it works. Of course, if that’s not enough, we’re always here to help.

When does the Spond Superdraw take place?

The draw takes place around the end of the month. Actual dates can be seen below and this section will be regularly updated:

  1. 30 December 2022: 1400

  2. 31 January 2023: 1400

Is there a deadline for setting up a Spond Superdraw campaign?

You can set up a new Spond Superdraw campaign at any time. Your campaign will automatically be applied to the next available draw and the date of the draw you are selling entries for will be clearly displayed to both sellers and entrants. Your Superdraw campaign will never run for less than seven days.

Why does Spond provide the prize for Spond Superdraw?

With Spond funding the prizes, it keeps things simple and helps to maximise the percentage of funds raised that we are able to pass on to participating groups. It also means that we are able to offer larger prizes, which will make Spond Superdraw more attractive, especially where potential entrants are motivated by the chance to win.

Can I put in my own copy to name and describe the campaign?

Yes. You will be asked to provide both a name and a description for your Spond Superdraw campaign, giving you the opportunity to briefly outline what the funds raised will be used for.

Are campaigns reviewed by Spond before they go live?

No. As all Spond Superdraw campaigns are set up and promoted using Spond’s pre-approved step by step user interface, we know they are fully compliant and you can therefore set your campaign live immediately.

Who can sell entries for Spond Superdraw?

You can nominate members to sell entries when you set up and promote the draw, or add them later, and they will receive a personalised fundraising page with its own URL to share with family and friends.

Can I add all members as Spond Superdraw sellers?

As a general rule, it is both polite and prudent to ask members if they would like to be Spond Superdraw sellers. This doesn’t mean you need to contact every member individually - You could, for example, send out a message in the Spond app, explaining what you’re planning and asking members to let you know if they don’t want to be included as sellers.

Can I add new Spond Superdraw sellers at any time?

Yes, you can add new sellers when you set up and promote your Spond Superdraw campaign or go back and add them at any time, so long as the draw remains open. You just need their name, if they’re already registered with your group in Spond, or you can add them as a new member first.

Who can enter Spond Superdraw?

Spond Superdraw is open to all residents of Great Britain aged 18 years or over, with the exception of employees of Spond, their families, agents or any third party directly associated with the administration of Spond Superdraw. As Spond is the organiser, there is no reason why your own groups admins and members cannot enter.

How old does an entrant need to be to enter Spond Superdraw?

All entrants must be aged 18 or over to enter Spond Superdraw. Spond reserves the right to require proof of age from a prizewinner before a prize is awarded.

How do entrants enter Spond Superdraw?

Spond Superdraw can be entered by online purchase or free of charge via post:

  • For online purchases, via www.spond.com or through the Spond app.

  • You can find out how to enter by post here.

When will my Spond Superdraw campaign go live?

Your Spond Superdraw campaign will go live immediately when you activate it and will be applied to the next available draw. Your campaign will never run for less than seven days.

What is the cutoff date for setting up a Superdraw fundraiser?

There is no cutoff date. You can start your Superdraw campaign at any time and it will be applied to the next available draw. Your campaign will never run for less than seven days.

What is the closing date and time for entries?

The closing date and time for entries will be clearly displayed on the Spond Superdraw entry page. Draws will usually run at the end of each calendar month.

What happens if a postal entry is delayed or lost in the post?

Unless you send your entry by recorded delivery, we are unable to accept any responsibility for mislaid or delayed entries. All postal entries received by the closing date will be entered into Spond Superdraw and will be treated in exactly the same way as each individual online entry.

How will Spond Superdraw winners be chosen?

Winners will be chosen in a randomised draw performed using a computerised random number generator. Prizes will be drawn beginning with the first prize so that all entrants have an equal chance of winning the larger prizes.

What are the prizes for Spond Superdraw?

The prizes on Spond Superdraw will change each month and will be clearly displayed on play pages, the Spond app, etc.

How will Spond Superdraw winners be informed?

The winner will be notified by email or telephone (using details provided at entry) and must provide a postal address to claim their prize. If a winner does not respond to Spond within seven days of being notified, their prize will be forfeited and Spond will be entitled to select another winner in accordance with the process described above.

What happens if the Spond Superdraw winners are not from my group?

As this Spond Superdraw is networked, Spond cannot guarantee that the winner will come from your group. The benefit of this is that the prizes are funded by Spond, so your group gets to keep a higher percentage of total sales.

What format will Spond Superdraw prizes take?

  • Cash prizes will be paid via bank transfer to the bank account provided by each winner. In the unlikely event that the winner does not have a bank account, we will liaise with them to find an alternative form of payment. The prize is non-exchangeable, non-transferable and no alternative prizes will be offered.

  • For non-cash prizes, we will arrange delivery to the winner in a way that is both secure and appropriate to the item in question.

Who supplies the prizes for Spond Superdraw?

All prizes are funded and supplied by Spond Ltd. Spond reserves the right to replace the prize with an alternative prize of equal or higher value if circumstances beyond its control make it necessary to do so.

What happens if we, or one of your entrants, don’t agree with the outcome of Spond Superdraw?

Spond’s decision regarding any aspect of Spond Superdraw is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the outcome of the draw.

Will Spond store entrants' personal information?

Spond must either publish or make available information that indicates that a valid award took place. To comply with this obligation, Spond will send the surname and county of major prize winners and, if applicable copies of their winning entries, to anyone who emails [email protected] or writes to Spond Ltd, Festival House, Jessop Ave, Cheltenham, GL50 3SH (enclosing a self-addressed envelope) within one month of the closing date. If any entrants object to any or all of their surname, county and winning entry being published or made available, they can email [email protected]. In such circumstances, Spond must still provide the information and winning entry to the Advertising Standards Authority on request.

Where can we find the terms and conditions for Spond Superdraw?

You can read the full Spond Superdraw terms and conditions here, and you can find the entrant T&Cs here.

What happens if an entrant breaches the terms and conditions of Spond Superdraw?

Spond may declare an entry void (without a refund being given) if an entrant engages in any form of fraud whatsoever, or any hacking or interference with the proper functioning of Spond Superdraw, the website or the Spond app.

Under the law of which country is Spond Superdraw being operated?

Spond Superdraw is governed by English law.

How do I remove members from the fundraiser who do not want to participate?

  • Tap the three dots in the upper right inside the campaign page

  • Select "Remove participants"

  • Press "Remove" on the desired member.

How will Spond Superdraw payments be processed?

All entry fees for Spond Superdraw will be collected and processed by Spond’s chosen payment partners.

How much will my organisation receive from its Spond Superdraw fundraiser?

Spond will pay your group for marketing its Spond Superdraw campaign. This payment will be the total funds raised by your members and supporters, minus the 50% retained by Spond to cover administration and prizes.

  • Example: If you sell entries to your Spond Superdraw campaign worth £1,000, your group will receive £500 in contributions from Spond.

How quickly will my group receive this payment?

You should expect to receive payment into your nominated bank account within 14 days of the closing date of Spond Superdraw.

Will payments made by Spond include VAT, if applicable?

All payments made by Spond are inclusive of any VAT. It is your responsibility to determine whether you are required to account for VAT or other taxes relating to your provision of marketing services of a Spond Superdraw for this campaign.

What should I know before I set up and promote a Spond Superdraw campaign?

  • We strongly recommend that you read the Terms&Conditions, the relevant specific rules and the Privacy Policy available at [link]. When you set up and promote a campaign, you agree to be bound by, and comply, with these terms and policies.

  • Spond Superdraw is subject to Spond’s Standard Terms of Use which are available at www.spond.com/terms. In the event of inconsistency between Spond’s Standard Terms of Use and these Spond Superdraw Terms, Spond Superdraw Terms will prevail.

How can I make a complaint about Spond Superdraw?

  • You should notify Spond of any issues or complaints in relation to the Service by sending details of the issue or complaint to [email protected]. Spond will endeavour to solve any issues notified to them in a fair and reasonable manner.

  • If the issue is not resolved within 21 days it will be referred to the Customer Success Manager at Spond who will investigate the issue or complaint in good faith and take any action that is deemed necessary. The Customer Success Manager may request any further information or evidence that may be required in order to investigate the issue.

What do I do if I receive any complaints or regulatory queries about Spond Superdraw?

If it is a simple request for details of the company organising Spond Superdraw campaign, you can find these elsewhere in this section. For anything else, please immediately notify Spond and we will work with you to resolve the query.

Does it cost anything to sign up to Spond Superdraw?

No, it’s free to sign up to Spond Superdraw and there are no upfront or ongoing fees, beyond the 50% of the entry price that is retained by Spond.

Does Spond charge a fee to manage Spond Superdraw?

Yes, Spond will retain 50% of the total raised by your group. This covers administration costs, payment processing fees and the prize(s).

Do I need to set up and promote payment processing for the Spond Superdraw?

No. Spond handles all of the back office functions for the Spond Superdraw, including payment processing, so all you need to do is set up and promote your campaign. You will be asked to provide a bank account where Spond can send your funds at the conclusion of the campaign.

Can I offer incentives to the top performing sellers from my group or club?

Yes. Spond will provide information on the value of entries sold by each seller in your campaign, so you are free to offer incentives to the best performing members, teams, etc. Currently there is no capability to do this from within the Spond app.

Why is there a section to add a promocode when I set up and promote my campaign?

From time to time, Spond may offer groups an incentive to get other groups to set up and promote a Spond Superdraw campaign. This might be a financial bonus on your next draw, or a simple payment for each group that signs up. When we do this, we will provide a unique promocode that you can share with other groups. They then enter it here when they set up and promote their first campaign.

Is Spond Superdraw available in Spond Club?

Yes, Spond Superdraw is available in the Spond app and Spond Club. If you set it up in Spond Club, you can all of your group to a single campaign, which saves time and maximises your potential fundraising.

Can I create a table of the top performing sellers for my group or club?

Currently, this isn’t possible, although you are free to publish your own league table and we find that some friendly competition among members can be a great way to encourage sellers. You can even add your own incentive if you wish.

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