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These FAQs are for nominated fundraisers in a Superdraw campaign. If you're an entrant or an admin, please refer to the relevant FAQs.

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Spond Superdraw - FAQs for Fundraisers

Spond Superdraw - FAQs for Fundraisers

I have been included as a Spond Superdraw fundraiser by my group. What does this mean?

Your group has signed up to raise funds through Spond Superdraw and, as a member or supporter, you have been included as a fundraiser. This means you can help to raise funds by selling entries to Spond Superdraw. If you have been nominated as a fundraiser, you should have received your own personalised selling page.

How does my personalised Spond Superdraw selling page work?

It’s really simple. You can show it to someone and let them purchase their entries on your own device. Or share the URL webpage link with anyone you know via Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS or email, and they can enter using any smart device or computer.

I don’t want to be a Spond Superdraw fundraiser. Can I withdraw?

Of course. Simply ask your group admin to remove you from the list of fundraisers.

Can I compare my performance against other fundraisers from my group?

Depending on the options selected by your campaign admin, you may be able to view a league table of the top fundraisers in your group. This feature is not available by default.

Are there any incentives for the fundraiser with the highest total at the end of Spond Superdraw campaign?

Participating groups have the ability to run a friendly competition between their fundraisers to see who can achieve the highest number of entries and they may offer a prize or incentive should they wish to do so. This is entirely optional and does not form part of the service offered by Spond. Please speak to your group admin to find out if they are offering any incentives, or if you would like to suggest it.

Who can I sell Spond Superdraw entries to?

You can sell entries to anyone over the age of 18. They don’t need to be a member of your group, but they should be a resident of Great Britain. For anyone under the age of 18, their parents or guardians can buy entries instead. You can ask friends, family, neighbours or colleagues, just bear in mind that Spond Superdraw is a bit of fun, and nobody should feel pressured into taking part.

Can I share my Spond Superdraw link with others?

Yes, you can send your Spond Superdraw link to people you know and share it on your social media accounts, but you should not send it to anyone you don’t know, unless they have asked or agreed to receive it. Here’s an example:

  • Acceptable - You get your Gran to ask her friends if they would like to enter Spond Superdraw, and you then send the fundraising link to everyone who agrees to take a look.

  • Not acceptable - You borrow your Gran’s phone and send your fundraising link to everyone in her contacts.

What is Spond Superdraw?

Spond Superdraw is a simple and fun way to raise money for any group using the Spond team management platform. It is a networked draw, which means that any group using the Spond app can sign up. Prizes are provided by Spond and groups get to keep a percentage of any sales generated by their own members and supporters.

How does Spond Superdraw work?

  • Spond runs one Spond Superdraw draw every calendar month.

  • The draw is networked across all participating groups and all prizes are supplied by Spond.

  • The prize(s) will change each month and will be clearly advertised on the selling pages shared with members of the participating groups .

  • You must be aged 18 or over to enter.

How much does it cost to enter Spond Superdraw?

The exact cost of your entries will depend on how many you want to purchase. Put simply, the more entries you buy for each draw, the less the cost per entry will be. The various options are clearly displayed on the selling page when you make your purchase.

Who is the promoter of Spond Superdraw?

The promoter of Spond Superdraw is Spond Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales, located at Festival House, Jessop Ave, Cheltenham, GL50 3SH.

Is Spond Superdraw a lottery?

No. Under the laws of Great Britain, it is permitted to run a prize draw provided that you allow a free entry mechanism, which Spond offers for Spond Superdraw via postal entries. Spond Superdraw is fully compliant with all relevant legislation and does not require a UK Gambling Commission licence. Spond Superdraw is operated by Spond Ltd and, when you set up a campaign for your group, you are marketing Spond Superdraw on behalf of Spond, for which you will be paid a fee equal to 70% of the total sales achieved by your group.

Who can enter Spond Superdraw?

Spond Superdraw is open to all residents of Great Britain aged 18 years or over, with the exception of employees of Spond, their families, agents or any third party directly associated with the administration of Spond Superdraw. Residents of Northern Ireland cannot enter Spond Superdraw.

How old does someone need to be to enter Spond Superdraw?

Entrants must be aged 18 or over to enter Spond Superdraw. Spond reserves the right to require proof of age before a prize can be awarded. For any winners under 18, the entry will be null and void and prizes will not be awarded.

How can someone enter Spond Superdraw?

Spond Superdraw can be entered by online purchase or free of charge via post:

  • For online purchases, via www.spond.com or through the Spond app.

  • Postal entries should be addressed to Spond Superdraw, Festival House, Jessop Ave, Cheltenham, GL50 3SH. Free postal entry is limited to one entry per person and per postcard. Postal entrants must include their full name, address, and a contact telephone number - handwritten in legible English and identifying the relevant draw – on a postcard with a first or second class stamp. Entries not received on a postcard as described will not be considered.

Is there a deadline for selling Spond Superdraw entries?

Sales for Spond Superdraw will close 30 minutes before the draw itself takes place. The countdown to the draw will be clearly don your personal entry page, where it can be seen by you and potential entrants.

When does the actual draw take place?

The draw takes place around the end of the month. Actual dates can be seen below and this section will be regularly updated:

  • 28 February 2023, 1400 UK time

Is it necessary to purchase an entry?

Although no purchase is necessary to enter, the intention of Spond Superdraw is that people enter to win a prize and support a worthy cause promoted by their group. You can enter for free using a postal entry, but your chosen group will not receive any contribution from your entry.

Is Spond Superdraw only supporting my group?

Spond Superdraw is networked across all participating groups and the prizes are provided by Spond. Proceeds to individual groups are based on the percentage of overall sales made to their supporters. So, let’s say the draw raises £10,000 in total for participating groups and Fulchester FC has 10% of overall sales, they will receive 10% of the total raised, which in this case is £1,000. From this, Spond will take 50% of the total to cover admin, prize(s) and payment processing, so the total funds raised by the group will be £500.

How do I know the funds from Spond Superdraw entries I sell will go to the group I am supporting?

Your group will receive 50% of all entries sold by your members and supporters. So, if you sell £1,000 of entries, your group will receive £500.

What will the funds raised by Spond Superdraw be used for?

This is entirely up to each group. Proceeds may go into general group funds to support operations, or there may be a specific objective (ie. New goal nets or attending a tournament). Participating groups do have the option to input what they are raising money for when they sign up to Spond Superdraw.

What if Spond doesn't sell enough entries to cover the cost of the prizes?

All prizes are provided by Spond and will be won regardless of the number of entries sold.

What are the odds of winning a prize on Spond Superdraw?

This is not a fixed-odds competition. The chance of winning will depend on the number of entries sold. For example, if 10,000 entries are sold, the odds of winning the top prize will be 1-in-10,000. If there are multiple prizes, the overall odds of winning will improve, but will still be based on the number of entries sold.

Is there a limit to the number of entries sold for each Spond Superdraw?

No, there is no limit to the number of entries that can be sold for each Spond Superdraw.

What is the closing date and time for entries?

The closing date and time for entries will be clearly displayed on the Spond Superdraw entry page.

What happens if my postal entry is delayed or lost in the post?

Unless you send your entry by recorded delivery, we are unable to accept any responsibility for mislaid or delayed entries. All postal entries will be entered into Spond Superdraw and will be treated in exactly the same way as each individual online entry.

How will the winner be chosen?

Winners will be chosen in a randomised draw performed using a computerised random number generator. Prizes will be drawn beginning with the first prize so that all entrants have an equal chance of winning the larger prizes.

Does Spond draw the winners?

Yes, Spond will draw the winners using a randomised draw engine, also known as a random number generator. If there is more than one prize, the most valuable items will always be drawn first, so every entry is assured of a chance to secure the top prize.

Will someone definitely win?

Yes, every prize in Spond Superdraw is guaranteed to be won.

What are the prizes in Spond Superdraw?

Superdraw prizes will change every month and will be clearly displayed in the app, play pages, etc.

How will you let the winner know?

The winner will be notified by email or telephone (using details provided at entry) and must provide a postal address to claim their prize. If a winner does not respond to Spond within seven days of being notified, their prize will be forfeited and Spond will be entitled to select another winner in accordance with the process described above.

What format will the Superdraw prizes take?

Cash prizes will be transferred electronically to the winner’s nominated bank account. In the unlikely event that the winner does not have a bank account, we will liaise with them to find an alternative form of payment. Non-cash prizes will be as described on the entry pages and elsewhere. Prizes are non-exchangeable, non-transferable and no alternative prizes will be offered.

Who supplies the Spond Superdraw prizes?

The prizes are supplied by the Spond Ltd.

What happens if an entrant doesn't agree with the outcome of Spond Superdraw?

Spond’s decision regarding any aspect of Spond Superdraw is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the outcome of the draw.

Will Spond share entrants’ personal information?

Spond must either publish or make available information that indicates that a valid award took place. To comply with this obligation, Spond will send the surname and county of major prize winners and, if applicable copies of their winning entries, to anyone who emails [email protected] or writes to Spond Ltd, Festival House, Jessop Ave, Cheltenham, GL50 3SH (enclosing a self-addressed envelope) within one month of the closing date. If you object to any or all of your surname, county and winning entry being published or made available, please email [email protected]. In such circumstances, Spond must still provide the information and winning entry to the Advertising Standards Authority on request.

Where can I find the terms and conditions for Spond Superdraw?

You can read the full terms and conditions for setting up a campaign here.

What happens if a fundraiser breaches the terms and conditions of Spond Superdraw?

Spond may declare an entry void (without a refund being given) if a fundraiser engages in any form of fraud whatsoever, or any hacking or interference with the proper functioning of Spond Superdraw, the website or the Spond app.

Under the laws of which country is Spond Superdraw operated?

Spond Superdraw will be governed by English law and entrants to Spond Superdraw submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

How will Spond handle entrant’s personal data?

The handling, storage and processing of entrant’s data will be undertaken by Spond in line with GDPR regulations and in accordance with Spond’s Privacy Policy. You can read more about your rights in relation to such data processing by accessing the policy at https://spond.com/privacy.

How can someone make a complaint about Spond Superdraw?

  • They should notify Spond of any issues or complaints in relation to Spond Superdraw by sending details of the issue or complaint to [email protected]. Spond will endeavour to solve any issues notified to them in a fair and reasonable manner.

  • If the issue is not resolved within 21 days it will be referred to the Customer Success Manager at Spond who will investigate the issue or complaint in good faith and take any action that is deemed necessary. The Customer Success Manager may request any further information or evidence that may be required in order to investigate the issue.

How will Spond Superdraw payments appear on my credit card or bank statement?

Your contribution will appear as ʻSpond’ on your statement and you will receive a receipt by email with all the details of your transaction.

Is Spond a charity?

No, Spond is a private company operating a management platform for sports teams and other groups . We offer Spond Superdraw as a way to help our groups raise much-needed funds.

Does it cost the group anything to set up a Spond Superdraw campaign?

No, Spond Superdraw campaigns are free to set up, we charge no fees, and the group will receive 50% of entry sales that come from their own supporters.

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