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Top tips for nominated fundraisers in Spond Superdraw 🇬🇧
Top tips for nominated fundraisers in Spond Superdraw 🇬🇧

Support for nominated fundraisers in a Spond Superdraw campaign. Admin or an entrant? Please refer to articles that are relevant to you.

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Help and support for nominated sellers helping to raise funds for their group with Spond Superdraw.

So, you’ve been included as a seller in your group’s Spond Superdraw campaign, which means you can help to raise funds by selling entries to Spond Superdraw. When you were registered as a seller by your group admin, you will have received your own personal selling page.

Spond Superdraw is a simple and fun way to raise money for your group in the Spond app. It's a networked draw, which means that any group using the Spond app can sign up. Prizes are provided by Spond and participating groups get to keep 65% of any sales generated by their own members and supporters.

Here’s how it works…

  • Spond runs three Spond Superdraws every year. Draws take place at Easter (March 31st), Summer (July 31st), and Halloween (October 31st).

  • The draw is networked across all participating groups and all prizes are supplied by Spond.

  • The prize(s) will change each draw. These will be clearly advertised on your personal selling page and elsewhere.

  • You must be aged 18 or over to enter.

As a seller for your group’s Spond Superdraw campaign, you will have received a link to your very own personal selling page. This works in two ways:

  1. Simply load up the page on your handheld device and hand it to the person who wants to enter. They can input their details right there and pay for the entries using a debit card.

  2. Share the page URL via SMS, email, Messenger, WhatsApp or social media, and the recipient can enter on their own device. It only takes a few seconds to enter

About your Personal Selling Page

As a Spond Superdraw seller, you receive your very own personal selling page, which you can use to market the campaign to raise funds for your club or group.

This page includes the following:

  1. The name of your group.

  2. The dates of the current campaign.

  3. A summary of the campaign, including what the funds raised will be used for.

  4. A space to put your own profile pic - Always useful if you’re selling to friends and family.

  5. A link to enter the fundraiser on your own device.

  6. A link to share your personal selling page with others.

  7. A QR code that can be scanned with another device, providing quick access to your personal selling page.

  8. A summary of information relating to your campaign:

    1. Your personal sales goal is the value of entries you’re expected to sell - Don’t worry if you don’t, it’s just for fun.

    2. Your total sales is the value of entries you’ve sold so far.

    3. The group sales goal is the combined target for all sellers in your group.

    4. The amount raised so far is the total value of entries sold by your group.

  9. We also provide some helpful tips to maximise your sales.

Some groups may choose to offer an incentive for the top sellers. This is on their own initiative, so ask your coach or administrator if they have anything planned.

How to share Spond Superdraw

Sharing and selling is simple. You just need to share Spond Superdraw with as many people as possible and ask them to enter:

  • They can enter on your own device or on their own, using the link you share with them.

  • Anyone in Great Britain can enter.

  • You can share the link via SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, social media, email or just show them the QR code from your personal selling page.

  • Just remember, you should only share it directly with people you know, or with those who have agreed to receive it. For example:

    • Not acceptable - You borrow your Gran’s phone and send your fundraising link to everyone in her contacts.

    • Acceptable - You get your Gran to ask her friends if they would like to enter Spond Superdraw, and you then send the fundraising link to everyone who agrees.

  • The more you share and the more people enter, the more you can earn for your club or group.

For more in depth information on being a Spond Superdraw seller, you can refer to the detailed FAQs here.

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