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Spond Superdraw Prizes Explained 🇬🇧
Spond Superdraw Prizes Explained 🇬🇧

Guidance for Spond Superdraw entrants. If you're a fundraiser or an admin, please refer to articles that are relevant to you.

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Find out what you can win when you enter Spond Superdraw

  • The prizes on Spond Superdraw will change every draw.

  • The prizes are paid for by Spond and are guaranteed to be won, regardless of how many people play or how many entries are sold.

  • Each entry to Spond Superdraw gives you one chance to win and the odds of winning Spond Superdraw will depend on how many entries are sold. To increase your chances of winning, simply purchase more entries.

  • The prizes will be clearly advertised for each draw.

  • In addition to the top prize, Spond Superdraw often offers runners-up prizes, which will be announced before each draw.

  • These awesome prizes are possible because Spond Superdraw is a networked draw, with multiple Spond groups setting up fundraising campaigns. This means that we are able to offer seriously impressive prizes, while groups benefit directly from every entry purchased by their members or supporters.

  • Every entry has an equal chance of winning the top prize. It doesn’t matter which club or group the winner supports.

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