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Meet the Winners of Spond Superdraw 🇬🇧

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Meet some of the winners of Spond Superdraw

The great thing about Spond Superdraw is that all prizes are guaranteed to be won and, because it’s networked across all participating Spond groups, we’re able to offer genuinely life-changing prizes.

Every entry you buy gives you one chance to win the top prize on Spond Superdraw, and support your chosen group at the same time. The only exception is free postal entries, which don’t contribute to a group.

In Spond’s first ever Superdraw, there were three winners.

Thomas Hocking: Won £1,000 raising funds for Haunchwood Sports Juniors FC

“You never expect to win anything, never mind a grand, so you can imagine the surprise when I got the call. I just bought the ticket to help out as I know they are needing support, especially after Covid. I actually already had a holiday in Greece booked with my girlfriend, so this made sure we had plenty of spending money to enjoy!”

Jackie Weaver: Won £500 supporting Cambridge City Youth FC

“My grandson and his family live in Cambridgeshire, but we regularly Skype, and when he told me the team were raising funds for their end-of-season presentation, I was happy to help out. I mean, what grandmother wouldn’t? Winning was a very pleasant surprise and I’ll be using the money to treat my grandchildren I’m sure.”

Surjit Singh: Won £250 supporting Pelsall Village Colts Raptors U10s

“The thing with these draws is that you don’t do it for the money, you do it to help out the team and, as my grandson plays for the Raptors, I was only too happy to help out. I never really thought about it after that, to be honest, so when Spond called to say I’d won, I was over the moon.”

Every month, more and more entrants will be joining our list of Spond Superdraw winners, and you could be one of them, if you’re in it to win it.

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