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How to raise funds for your club or group with Spond Superdraw 🇬🇧
How to raise funds for your club or group with Spond Superdraw 🇬🇧

Guidance for admins on Superdraw, the simple and fun way to raise money for your club or group in Spond.

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Spond Superdraw is a simple and fun way to raise money for your group.

It only takes a couple of minutes to set it up and start raising funds.

How does Spond Superdraw work?

  • Spond runs Spond Superdraw three times a year. Groups can set up a campaign and join the draw at any time.

  • Spond Superdraw is free to set up. The draw is syndicated and all prizes are supplied by Spond, which means you get to keep 65% of all entries sold by your club or group. The other 35% is retained by Spond to cover administration of the draw, payment processing and the prize(s).

  • The prize(s) will change each draw and will be clearly advertised on the draw pages in the Fundraising section of the Spond app.

  • Admins setting up a campaign can nominate members to sell entries for Spond Superdraw, and they will each receive their own personalised selling page. For members under 18, a parent or guardian can be nominated.

  • All aspects of the draw itself, apart from sale of entries, are managed by Spond, which means you can focus all your energies on maximising sales for your club or group.

Getting Started

  1. Got to the Fundraising tab in the Spond app and select ‘Spond Superdraw’

  2. You can select your campaign to start. All draws run for a at least one full calendar month and your campaign will never run for less than seven days.This means you can start a campaign at any time and you will always have at last one week in which to promote your campaign.

  3. Nominate the members you would like to be sellers for Spond Superdraw. For members under 18, a parent or guardian will be nominated.

  4. This field is optional - If you have been given a promocode by another club or group, enter it here. They may receive some extra funds or another gift from Spond for helping to promote Spond Superdraw.

  5. Set your target sales goal for each member - This will help to motivate sellers and will also give them something to aim for. Be realistic, without making it too easy to reach.

  6. Once you are happy with the details you have entered, move to the next step.

  7. Once you have viewed the preview of your campaign, confirm and move to the next step.

  8. Input the details of the bank account you would like the funds raised in your campaign to be paid to. Ideally, this should be the account belonging to your club or group, although you can use your personal bank account if your group does not have its own.

  9. Please make sure that the name you enter matches the name of the account holder.

  10. We will send an email to confirm the payout once it is processed. Please tell us where we should send this. If you have a treasurer for your group, or someone who deals with finance, it should go to them.

  11. Please accept the terms and conditions of Spond Superdraw. We strongly encourage you to read these before setting your campaign live.

  12. Save the payout details, and that’s it. You’re all ready to go. We’ll send you an email to confirm your campaign has been set up, and each of your nominated sellers will also receive a notification, including a link to their personal selling page.

For more in depth information on setting up a Spond Superdraw campaign, you can refer to the detailed FAQs here.

Tips and Tricks to make the most of your Spond Superdraw campaign

  1. Set a realistic sales target for each seller - Make it ambitious, but also realistic; you don’t want sellers losing enthusiasm because their sales goal is too high.

  2. Have a specific goal for your campaign (ie. New kit, fund an away tournament, etc) - This will provide a tangible focus for both sellers and entrants.

  3. Share your campaign with as many people as possible - The more sellers you have, the more entries you can sell.

  4. Promote the campaign via all of your existing channels - Use Spond, social media, emails, SMS and any other channels you have in place to promote Spond Superdraw.

  5. Don’t limit yourself to registered supporters - You’ll be amazed how many people are willing to support your group, from friends and family to supporters and local businesses.

  6. Create a friendly contest - Consider offering an incentive to whoever sells the most entries.

  7. Push the prize - Make sure you mention it when you’re selling entries, and ensure your sellers know about it.

  8. Make the benefits work for you - 65% of all your Spond Superdraw sales go direct to your club or group, a generous percentage compared to other forms of fundraising.

  9. Don’t forget parents and guardians - If you’re a club or group with junior members, you can nominate parents and guardians to sell.

  10. Don’t just aim to sell single entries - The more Spond Superdraw entries you purchase, the better value they are, so use the discount to your advantage and sell more entries.

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