Spond will flag a duplicate notification when members are classed as 'Unprocessed'. If you approve the duplicates here and do not merge them with their existing member profile, you will get duplicates in the club membership list.

To remove these duplicates, you must make sure that email and phone number are the same on all duplicates. Children cannot have their parent or guardian's email/phone information, so they need with their own unique email/phone info.

Duplicates should be merged, not deleted. If you delete one of the member profiles, the group loses all history of that person, whereas if they are merged this is retained.

  1. Club admins can merge duplicates when people are in 'Unprocessed'.

  2. Customer support can merge those who have unpaid payment requests, who are exempt or who are without payment requests. Contact us at [email protected].

  3. If both of the duplicates have unpaid payment requests, our technical support must merge the duplicates for you. Contact us at [email protected].

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