Using Spond Club, you can now control which bank accounts group admins are permitted to access and administer. This means you have more control over payments in your club accounts. For now, this is only available for regular payments, not digital fundraising campaigns.

You can set this under Club Settings > Club Account.

Once you add an account number, you can toggle access to each account for:

  1. No groups

  2. All groups

  3. Selected groups

This means, for example, you could set one account for each group, or one for each sport, if you are a multi-sports club.

If a group has previously used a payout account for each admin from the app, they will no longer need these. The group administrator must then remember to change the payment method in ongoing payments/events in the group to the club's payment account and eventually delete the old payment method they themselves set up.

It is not possible to delete a payment method until all the money has been paid out. To get a faster payout, it can be set to a daily frequency.

Note: The group administrator must also remember to export the payment history in order to have access to the payment history afterwards.

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