The setting section in Spond Club has a number of sections:

Your Club

  • Here you can see and change the club names, logos and access control for club administrators


  • Check club accounts and see group payments.


  • See and change everything that applies to your members and what fields are available.

Member types

  • You may want to set up member types based on what price they have on the membership fee. Regardless of how many groups a member is in, they only have one membership in the club - ie type of member. Some suggestions for member types can be child member and adult member. You can also create member types for honorary member and support member - who are not in their own Spond groups. The type of member does not affect what each individual can do in the Spond app.

Member fields

  • The following membership fields already exist by default:

    • Name

    • Address

    • Email

    • Phone

    • Date of birth

    • Member type

    • Enrollment date

    • Gender

    • Parent/ Guardian

  • You can add as many custom membership fields as you need. You can also set who can see and edit the different fields.

NOTE: 00 isn't officially a number, as nothing is lower than 0. So all numbers starting with 00 should be added to a text field, not a number field. If you use a number field, it will automatically change to'0' when you save.
NOTE: If you want the fields to be mandatory for Spond app registrations as well as in the sign up form, you can tick off for this on each fields.

Signup form

  • You can set up the form according to your needs.

  • Once have set up the form, you will receive a link that you can post on your website or elsewhere.

  • You can set which fields are required so you get all the desired info on the members who sign up.

  • You can also set up a predefined text the members receive when they register and when they are approved as members.

  • The participants appear in 'Registrations' where you have a waiting list. When you approve them, they will receive an invitation to their Spond group automatically.

NOTE: If you want to be notified when someone signs up, you can set this at each club administrator.

Departments and Groups

  • Control who can see or edit aspects of groups, depending on their role in the group.


  • Manage your club's security settings

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