Understanding invitation/event types in Spond
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Spond can be used for any type of event invitation. Whether it's for the sports team, a birthday party, volunteering or a coffee with friends. There are five different types of invitation:

One specific date

For single events where the date and time is arranged in advance. For example, a tournament or a performance. It is also possible to include attachments, registration fee, max number of participants and an answer deadline. You can also set meet-up time if you need your players to show up before the event itself starts. To delete a participant, press the X next to their name in the participant list.

Recurring events

For recurring events (ie. Weekly practices), the invitation can be sent between one and 14 days before the event will take place. For these events, you have the option to set the attendees as automatically attending, giving them the option to opt out. If you wish to remove someone from the series, you can do so by clicking the X next to the attendee's name. Read more

Season planner

Plan several events for the whole season on the desktop interface. The invitation can be sent 0-14 days ahead of event start. You can manually add the timetable from an existing Excel spreadsheet, just copy/paste row by row from your Excel spreadsheet. You can also import a calendar file (.ics) Read more

Time poll

You can suggest numerous dates and/or times. The administrator can choose the option where most people are able to attend. Everyone that has been invited to the event will receive a notification of the final date when this has been established. You can find this option under Poll. Read more

Availability Requests

In the UK, you can also create an availability request in Spond, which you later can use to create the event. This way you can check people's availability before the date is confirmed. Read more about Availability requests. Read more

NOTE: Even though the invitation is not yet sent out, the participants will still see the events in their event overview. You can always change your mind later and manually push the invite out.

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