There are a few useful functions in Spond that can help you track and trace the attendees for your events:

  1. Create events, set a maximum number of participants who can attend and automatically create a waiting list if that number is exceeded.
    How to set a maximum number of participants

  2. Invite members to events, plus parents/guardians and non-members who might want to attend, either as participants or spectators.
    How to invite parents/guardians to events
    How to invite non-members to events

  3. Once an event has started, you can log all the participants in attendance.
    How to log attendance

  4. Once an event has ended and you've logged the attendees you can, export the list of participants. This includes names and contact information
    How to download participant lists

  5. You can also download attendance history to see the overall statistics for everyone attending.

    Please note: If you want the host to be a participant in the attendance history you also need to add him or her as an attendee.
  6. If you wish to contact the attendees at a particular event, you can send a direct message through the event or use the participant list, which contains their contact information.
    How to message participants through an event

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