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Spond App: How to add hosts to an event

You can add multiple hosts to events in Spond's team management solution - Spond App

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When creating an event you can choose to invite other administrators to attend as hosts. You can also invite more hosts after the event is created by clicking the ‘X of X host attending’ underneath the participant list in the event. (You can not invite members to attend as hosts unless they are admins.) The hosts will be shown in a participant list separately to the other members and will also be included in the event export.

The creator of the event will automatically be set as attending whilst the other invited co-hosts will be asked if the can attend.

For administrators who manage or are a part of numerous groups this means their home screen will have a better overview and will only show events they have a relation to (they or a child they are the guardian of are invited or attending). If the administrators want to see all events for the group, they can find these by going into the group itself and go to the event overview. They will still be able to view and edit all events in the group they are the administrator of even though they are not attending.

How do I respond as host and member?

If you are an admin but would also like to respond if you can attend as a member you can add yourself as a member to the group. You can do so by going to the Members tab > Add > Add yourself with your name and the same contact details as your admin account. You will then count in both the host list and participant list.

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