How Spond handles new feature requests from our users
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The Spond platform is constantly evolving, with new features and enhancements being added. We work closely with users and we welcome feedback to help us create new ideas and prioritise our improvements.

How we handle feature requests

  1. Users submit feature requests via support.

  2. Support requests more information to get the best possible understanding of the request, and why it is being made,

  3. Support share the request with Spond's product team.

  4. The product team reviews the request and decides if it is something Spond can look into delivering. If so, it will be allocated a priority according to its importance and other factors, such as team capacity,

  5. When we start work on new features, we often contact those who have submitted the request and involve them in the process through surveys, feedback meetings and testing.

  6. When the feature is launched, we aim to contact everyone who has requested it.

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