Comments can be used for everything relevant to the event. Whether that is to agree on how many participants should drive to the event, or who should bring what. It is possible to react to comments

Who will receive notifications?

Everyone that has the app will receive push notifications each time someone comments in the event, unless you have turned off the push notifications in the app settings or phone settings. It is also possible to turn notifications off within the post by pressing the downwards arrow.

Those that have declined the event will not be alerted but will be able to view new comments if they enter the event after they have declined. Those that have confirmed their attendance or not yet responded to the invitation will receive a push notification, SMS or e-mail.

Those that answer though SMS will only receive a message if they have commented something themselves and another participant has replied to that specific message. They will then be encouraged to download the app in order to follow the conversation further.

Those that are registered with e-mail will receive an update once each day with the latest comments that have been written in the event.

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