It is possible to turn push notifications off or on in the phone settings and in the Spond settings (to personalize the app). You were asked to accept the option to receive push notifications the first time you download the app. You will have to enter the phone settings to regain access if you declined this option at first.

Spond will send an SMS to those users that have declined the option to receive push notifications, to encourage those users to regain access through the phone or Spond settings. This is because we want to ensure that Spond gives you the best experience as a user of the app.

If someone turns off the option to receive push notifications a while after they first downloaded Spond, the app will provide information and help in how to regain access to push notifications.

If you still have trouble with your notifications, try to re-install the app or log in and out. If the problem still continues, please contact [email protected]

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