'Season planner' allows you to upload several events at the same time (for example several different sporting matches). In this feature, a digital spreadsheet will appear, allowing you to copy and paste from an excel spreadsheet or any other overviews that you already have. This feature is only available through web (www.spond.com).

You can import a calendar file (.ics) from Google Calendar and iCalendar. You will also have the option to paste a web address directly into the calendar file. “Import” is located at the top right corner within “season planner”.

All the events will appear in a digital spreadsheet allowing you to choose how long in advance the invitations will be sent out by. We will send out the invitations close to each individual date in order to receive the most accurate answers by the members. You will get a notification 24 hours before each invitation is sent out, allowing you to make changes to or cancel the event if required.

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