Files can be uploaded in many ways to Spond and we also offer a file storage feature for each group.

What you get from file storage:

  • Your own place to store important files and share them with your group.

  • The ability for admins to control who can access each file.

How it works:

You'll find the file storage in the group menu and you can add a new file, link or folder by using the + button in the app. In the desktop user interface, you can add files by going into Files in the menu and clicking on 'Add files'.

You can create folders, files and links. These can be for all members or for admins only. If they are set to be for the admins, all admins will be able to see it. You can set in all group admin roles who can upload files. Those who can not upload can only view. It is only admins that can upload files, not members.

Folders with a lock is only visible for admins.

File formats and sizes:

  • You can upload pdf, docx, excel, png and jpg images.

  • There’s a limit for attachments at 10Mb. For images, the limit is 25Mb, but anything over 1Mb will be resized to be below that.

  • We don’t currently have a limit on the quantity of files that can be uploaded per person or group.

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