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What is Spond?
What's the difference between the Spond app and Spond Club?
What's the difference between the Spond app and Spond Club?

The Spond app and Spond Club are seamlessly integrated cogs in the same machine.

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Spond is a fully integrated sports team management platform that comprises two core elements:

  • Spond's team management solution - Spond App

  • Spond's club management solution - Spond Club

There is only one Spond platform. The Spond app is used by group admins (Coaches, team managers etc), guardians and members, while Spond Club is used by club admins, typically committee members and senior coaches overseeing numerous groups. multiple teams and groups.

Spond's Team Management Solution

If you have a single group or team, the Spond app offers everything you need to manage your members, set up events, request payments, send messages, run a fundraiser and much more. It's simple, intuitive and works on any Apple or Android device.

  • Free to download and use

  • Manage all of your members in the Spond app

  • Designed specifically with coaches and admins in mind

  • Integrate match schedules, comms, payments and more in a single app

  • Set up a fundraiser, nominate sellers and raise money using the Spond app

Spond's Club Management Solution

Designed for clubs with multiple groups or teams, Spond Club allows you to manage your entire club from a simple web browser interface, saving you even more time and stress. The desktop interface is simple and intuitive, giving you complete oversight of all members, coaches and group admins,

  • Manage your admins, coaches, players and members in one place

  • Set up payment requests tailored to the whole club, smaller teams or groups

  • Create and manage events and courses for the entire club

  • Get real-time data on payments, club finance and event/course sales

  • Set up fundraising campaigns, allocate sellers and monitor performance

Questions about the Spond app and Spond Club

My group has been added to Spond Club, can I still be the group admin?

Yes, even when groups are added to Spond Club, group events and communication can still be done within each Spond group in the app. Spond Club is the membership system - Think of Spond Club as the back office system that be used to manage and, if necessary, override the Spond app.

I'm a Spond app user, will Spond Club affect me?

No, you can continue to use the app in exactly the same way, although you may notice that some messages, events and payment requests apply to the whole club, not just your group.

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