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Spond Features Overview
Spond Features Overview

A brief guide to key tools and features available in the Spond app and Spond Club

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Spond gives you all the tools you need to effectively manage your grassroots club or group.

Spond for Teams - Spond App

Spond for Clubs - Spond Club

Spond for Teams - Spond App


If you have a single group or team, the Spond app offers everything you need to manage your members, set up events, request payments, send messages, run a fundraiser and much more. It's simple, intuitive and works on any Apple or Android device.

  • Free to download and use

  • Manage all of your members in the Spond app

  • Designed specifically with coaches and admins in mind

  • Integrate match schedules, comms, payments and more in a single app

  • Set up a fundraiser, nominate sellers and raise money using the Spond app


Once you're set up on the Spond app, the first thing you need to do is add your groups. Groups are the core of the Spond app. In most cases, a group will be a team and the individuals associated with it, such as admins and coaches. You can also create subgroups to help organise your groups and communicate more effectively.

  • Each team should always be set up as a Group

  • Subgroups can communicate exclusively with each other

  • Subgroups can ask each other for players to step in if they are missing players, or have other requests

  • All your group members will be part of the main group, even though they are distributed to their relevant subgroups

  • A single user can be added to multiple subgroups at the same time

Adding Members

As a Spond admin, you can invite members to join Spond in the app or use the web interface, with space for 500 members in each group. It only takes a few minutes and, once your members have signed up, your life as an admin will be 100 times easier.

  • Upload members quickly and simply with Spond's bespoke Excel template

  • Add custom member fields consisting such as a player's position, shirt number or medical history

  • Invite new members by sharing your unique group link URL

  • Set an automated reminder for members who have not signed up to Spond within 48 hours after the invite went out

  • Invite parents or guardians alongside junior members.

Parents & Guardians

The Spond platform has been designed with parental oversight and safeguarding in mind. As a parent guardian with kids using Spond, you can manage all of your children’s invitations and have full control over their interactions and responses to events.

  • Parents and guardians can reply to events that their child has been invited to, and receive push notifications when new information is added to the group.

  • Decide whether your child should receive notifications, or if you want to receive them on their behalf. You will always be copied into anything they receive

  • Parents or guardians can respond to invitations for themselves, as well as the children.

  • Parents or guardians can add other guardians and edit their child’s profile.

  • There’s no limit to the number of guardians, kids or groups you can manage in the app

Availability Requests

Spond's availability tool allows you to put out a request for player availability on a certain date, which is really useful if you have multiple groups or teams that you will allocate based on who is available.

  • This tool is useful if you want to see availability before setting up a match

  • The request will only be visible to the recipients you have selected

  • Remember to set the date and time you want to check the availability for

  • You can send a reminder to non-responders

  • Admins can see all availability requests made in the group event list, even if they are not the sender or an invitee


Creating an event in Spond is simple and straightforward, taking just a couple of minutes to set up and share. The Events feature can be used for anything from matches to training sessions and social events, with the option to set up recurring events and add payment requests in the Spond app.

  • The event setting allows you to set the meet-up time before the event starts

  • You decide if attended for a recurring event will be automatically marked as attending, or if they need to confirm each time

  • Admins can manually change participants' responses without demanding a fee, for example, if someone has paid cash or called to say they can't make it

  • When the maximum number of attendees is reached, the next ones who sign up will be put on a waiting list. If a space becomes vacant, the first person on the waiting list will receive a notification.

  • Spond offers different event types; single events, repeating events, season planner, and time poll events.


The Spond app comes complete with the ability to request and process payments for your groups. Payments can be requested for anything from membership dues to match fees or kit, and it's all processed within the app, where you can log all incoming payments and send reminders for those outstanding.

  • All payments are processed safely and securely by Spond's long-time payment processing partner, Stripe.

  • If you want to collect money for a trip, annual membership fee or new uniforms, you can create payment requests for specific group or subgroups.

  • You can add a description, a due date and specify whether the payment is mandatory or optional.

  • You can set one amount, or add multiple options with different prices and quantities.

  • Members can pay directly in the app or via email if they're not using the app.


Bringing in money for your group can be a pain, which is why Spond has introduced new and interactive ways to raise funds with minimal effort and stress. Currently offered in the UK, Spot the Ball and Spond Superdraw are simple to set up and Spond does all the hard work for you, which is why the total raised through Spond increased by 55% in 2022.*

  • Set up your fundraiser in the Spond app, nominate your sellers and set it live - Spond does all the hard work, so you don't have to

  • Every seller receives a personal fundraising page to share with family and friends

  • Members of a group can easily share the campaign to their circle of friends directly by a link through either text message, email or social media

  • All prizes are delivered and fulfilled by the Spond team, so you don't need to do anything

  • Payments are processed securely by Spond

File Storage

Files can be uploaded to all your groups can be uploaded and stored safely and securely in the Cloud, with direct access from the Spond app. This could be anything from parental consent documents to bank statements or the group's constitution.

  • You’ll have your own to store important files and links in each group

  • You can add a new file, link or folder by using the + symbol in the app

  • You can decide if these files can be seen by all members orby admins only

  • Only admins can upload or delete files

  • The size limit for files and pictures is 100 MB


With Spond, you can decide which notifications you want to receive, and when.

  • You can select which push notifications you receive in the Spond app.

  • You can turn off notifications for comments on a specific posts

  • You decide if you want to turn on notifications for a certain event, or a series of recurring events.

  • You can decide to receive push notifications for your most important groups, and limit them for groups where updates are less time-sensitive.

Spond for Clubs - Spond Club


Spond Club allows admins with multiple groups and teams to manage their entire club from a simple and intuitive web-based interface, saving even more time and stress.

  • Add all of your admins, coaches, players and members in one place

  • Set up payment requests tailored to the whole club, smaller teams or groups

  • Create and manage events and courses for the entire club

  • Get real-time data on payments, club finance and event/course sales

  • Set up fundraising campaigns, allocate sellers and monitor performance

Managing Groups

Instead of multiple instances of Spond for each group, Spond Club allows you to manage multiple groups from a single interface, saving you even more time and reducing stress.

  • Manage all your groups together, individual groups or those that meet specified criteria (ie. Junior teams)

  • Enjoy visibility of all activity in your groups, including admins, coaches and parents/guardians

  • Manage payments requests, subscriptions, courses and events from a single location

  • Oversee roles and privileges admins and coaches across all your groups

  • Set up fundraising campaigns, allocate sellers and monitor performance

  • Create bespoke member types and fields tailored to the needs of your club


Take the stress out of event planning with all the tools you need at your fingertips in Spond Club. Set up events, take payments and monitor attendance for all your groups in one place.

  • Create an event and invite participants in just a few seconds.

  • Attach all relevant info attendees require, including info and documents for parents/guardians.

  • Invite attendees, log responses and monitor attendance.

  • Message confirmed attendees, invitees or non-attendees direct from Spond Club

Managing Roles

As a Spond Club admin you have full oversight over all groups in your club, with the ability to set up roles and permissions for everyone in your club, as well as set the status and purpose of each group.

  • Control group admins and roles, add people to groups and create subgroups, just like in the app

  • Set up bespoke roles with permissions designed to suit the requirements of your club.

  • Add or remove new or existing members from individual groups

  • Set up each group individually to reflect its role within the club (ie. Junior or Senior teams)

  • Maintain full traceability for the actions and communications of all members, including group coaches and admins

Courses & Academies

Use Spond Club to create courses, camps and academies for your group, including a recurring subscription option. Organise and monitor everything from signups to payments.

  • Create bespoke events and invite attendees from inside and outside your club

  • Set various pricing options, including recurring subscriptions, and process payments and refunds direct through Spond.

  • Monitor signups and cancellations in real time, or recipe daily email summaries

  • Add products and optional extras that can be offered to participants

  • Create bespoke fields to fit your own needs (ie. Health requirements, dietary needs, etc)


Manage all aspects of your club’s finances in Spond Club, including payment requests for events, subscriptions or products, monitor payment activity and generate bespoke reports.

  • Setup payment requests to your whole club, specific groups or set criteria (ie. All senior team players or supporters)

  • Monitor incoming payments in real time and create lists of those with outstanding payment requests

  • Generate reports on all payment requests, settlements to your club accounts and outstanding payments

  • Create invoices for payments due to your club

Club Fundraising

Raise funds for your club simply and securely by creating fundraisers for all groups direct from within Spond Club.*

  • Save time by setting up a fundraiser for your entire club, instead of individual groups or teams

  • Set up your Spond fundraiser in minutes, nominate your sellers and start raising cash

  • Raise money for anything from new kit to ground improvements or transport to away matches

  • Monitor the performance of your fundraising campaigns in real time, including total sales and the amount you’ve raised.

  • See which groups and members are selling the most entries and send out messages to sellers directly from within Spond Club.

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*Fundraising tools may differ depending on your jurisdiction.

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