Unlike Spond's team management solution, the Spond App, signing up to Spond Club requires some human interaction. We do this to ensure that all Spond Club admins are set up correctly from the start so that you can take full advantage of the features offered in Spond Club.

To get started, follow this link.

  • Press START to begin.

Tell us the name of your club/organisation.

  • Tell us your website URL - This will allow the Spond Club team to find out out your club.

  • No website? Don't stress, this section is optional.

  • Tell us the size of your club. This will help us to optimise your Spond Club experience.

  • Tell us your VAT or Company Number, if you have one. This will help us to set up your payments in Spond Club.

  • Tell us your postcode or ZIP so we can verify your location and ensure that you have the right version of Spond Club. Some Spond Club features, such as fundraising, are only available in specific jurisdictions, so its important that we only show you what you're able to use.

  • Tell us your name. As the admin setting up Spond Club, you will become the primary Spond Club admin. You'll have the option to add additional Club Admins and set up other roles later.

  • Tell us your role in your club or organisation?

  • Tell us your email address so that we can set up your Spond Club admin account,

  • Tell us your mobile number so we can send you SMS alerts and contact you if necessary.

  • Tell us which country you're in.

  • Tell us how your club or organisation is structured? This will help us to optimise your Spond Club setup.

  • Please confirm that you accept the terms and conditions for all users of Spond Club.

  • Tell us how you heard about Spond Club and press 'Submit'.

  • That's it. A member of the Spond Club onboarding team will set up your Spond Club profile and contact you to help you get started.

What happens next?

Once you're set up with your Spond Club account, we have two simple guides to help you get things started:

Find Out More

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