If you want to change a payment method for events in the Spond app, you must go through all your active payment requests or events and change to the new payment method. If you're part of a club that shares an account in Spond Club, you can't always choose payment methods other than those prescribed by the club. Speak to your Spond Club admin to find out what your club's policy is.

How to change the payment method:

  1. Go to Events and find events with payment requests.

  2. Select Edit by pressing the three dots in the top right corner

  3. Choose whether it applies only to this event or to all in a series.

  4. Go to Registration fee and Payment method and change to the new one you added or the one shared with in Spond Club. If you have access to a Spond Club account, it will be marked with your club's logo and name.e club.

  5. Save your new settings.

  6. Repeat this for all the paid events and groups.

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