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Overview - Fundraising in Spond πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
Overview - Fundraising in Spond πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Raise money for your club or group with Spond. It's simple, fun and fully digital.

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Bringing in money can be a pain, which is why Spond has introduced new and interactive ways to raise funds with minimal effort and stress. Spot the Ball and Spond Superdraw are simple to set up and Spond does all the hard work for you, which is why the total raised through Spond increased by 55% in 2022. Superdraw campaigns can be set up in the app and in Spond Club.


Spond Superdraw is the most exciting way yet for your team to raise money in Spond. Three times a year, we run a networked prize draw for participating groups in Spond, in which you, your members and your supporters have the chance to win unbelievable prizes in an online draw.

In each Spond Superdraw, we give away guaranteed prizes, ranging from cash and games consoles to gift vouchers.

Spond Superdraw works brilliantly as a fundraiser. Create a campaign for your team in Spond and then we’ll pay you a share of every digital Superdraw entry you sell. It's that simple.

Whether you sell thousands of entries or just a handful, you will always receive your share of the proceeds and, because Spond provides all of the prizes, there's absolutely no risk to your team.

Spot the Ball

A new take on an old favourite, Spot the Ball is a great way for groups and other non-commercial organisations to raise money. Spond provides the platform on which individualised prize competitions tailored to your club can be set up with ease. The games are wholly operated and managed by Spond. We even create the campaign page to help you get the word out to members and others who might be interested in contributing.

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