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Overview - Course Registrations in Spond Club
Overview - Course Registrations in Spond Club
How to set up and manage Course Registrations in Spond's club management solution: Spond Club
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Join thousands of clubs who use Spond Course Registrations feature to take control of their training academies, tournaments and events.

By setting up your course or event in Spond Club, you can benefit from seamless mobile communication with members, parents and guardians, improving your time efficiency while also giving you a real-time picture of who's attending (and who's not), who has paid, sales of optional extras, and everything else you need to know.

Seamless Communication

Whether you want to create forms, implement a waiting list or have a register of attendees that updates in real-time, you can find everything in this solution that is fully integrated with the Spond app. Regardless of the type of course or event you're setting up, participants can receive updates both through email and the app.

Simple Setup

Setting up a new event in Course Registrations is very simple and flexible, instantly allowing you to set the number of days, specify multiple price settings based on different product variations, or include optional products such as early drop off, late pick up or meals. You can also set up monthly subscription payments.

Open to Non-members

Clubs and other organizations often offer camps, academies or short-term courses as add-ons to their regular programmes as this can be a good introduction to a new sport or activity. Non-members will be asked to specify information such as name, contact information, address etc so that you can easily create club members at a later time if applicable.

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