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Overview - Members and Admins in Spond
Overview - Members and Admins in Spond

How to manage members, admins and user roles in the Spond App and Spond Club.

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Memberships and admin roles lie right at the heart of the Spond sports team management platform. They dictate how your club or group is structured, who can do what and, most importantly, who has access to what information. Spond puts you in control of your members and admins, right down defining users roles and saying who can do what within each group.

NOTE: This section deals primarily with ongoing management of members and admins. To find out more about setting up Spond, creating your groups or adding Spond Club, go to the Getting Started section of the Help Center:

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Members and Admins in Spond App

For smaller teams and groups, you can do everything you need in the Spond app, including adding your members and admins, defining their roles and setting them as a junior member, adult member or parent/guardian.

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Members and Admins in Spond Club

For clubs and teams with multiple squads, Spond Club is a purpose-built interface for dealing with everything from payments to memberships, giving full visibility to Club admins and saving hours of admin every week.

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