It can be several reasons for wanting to delete a group:

  • The group is no longer active, the team or club is deactivated.

  • The activity in two groups are going to be merged in another group.

  • The group has never been used.

When you delete a group, your actions can not be undone. All content will be deleted(members, posts, history, payments) and everything will be lost for everyone. We do not restore deleted groups as of today.

Before you delete a group you should:

  • Make sure all the group managers agree on deleting the group.

  • Make sure to export all the content you need.

  • Make sure that you really want to delete the group, or if the right thing for you is to leave the group.

This is how you delete a group:

  1. Go to the group and choose Settings (3 dots).

  2. On the bottom you can choose Delete Group.

  3. Check off all the alternatives to confirm that you understand the consequences for the delation.

  4. Choose Delete Group.

  5. Confirm that you have understood that your action can not be undone, and that you delete everything, for everyone. Choose Delete Group.

You need to be group manager to be able to delete a group.

Can't delete your group? If the group belongs to a Spond Club, the group must be deleted by a club administrator from there.

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