The main difference between which age group you select is whether or not you would like to include guardians when adding members to the group. You can at anytime in the future change this in your group settings.


  • Add guardians who can respond on the behalf of the child.

  • You can allow the child to respond as well as the guardians: Press 'tap here to add email or phone on the child' (Keep in mind that the contact point need to be unique, not the same as the guardians)

  • The response in the event will still just be registered once.

  • Both the other guardian and the child will be notified by any new events or comments if they are all registered.

Read more about how to create a Child/Youth group

Example use: Youth sports, school groups etc.

Read more about how it works for guardians here


  • Everyone is responding for themself

Example use: After-work football teams, knitting groups etc.


  • In mixed groups you have an option to add a member with or without a guardian.

Example use: Mixed sports teams

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