Most clubs starting to use Spond Club choose to send out information to members and parents/guardians. Below are some suggestions about what you should/ could include.

  • What does it means for the teams/groups that are already using the Spond app?

    • If you are already using Spond you will not really notice anything different in the app. The only change will be that you will now also receive messages from the club and payment requests in the app.

  • Why has my admin role changed?

    • Some roles have been updated so that all groups match the structure of Spond Club. This should not affect your day to day use of the app, but please let the Spond Club admins know if you have any issues or questions.

  • What does it mean for any groups that are currently not using Spond

    • Any groups not currently using Spond will need to set up a Spond group. The club will contact the relevant admins and coaches to male this happen.

  • What does this change mean for parents and guardians?

    • If you're a parent or guardian using the Spond app, you need to make sure that the information about your child is correct. If it is not correct, we would appreciate if you can update the info you are allowed to update and ask your coach/group admin to update the other changes.


All Spond products are GDPR compliant with safeguarding at the core:

  • You can read Spond´s privacy statement here.

  • Spond also has a useful help center here.

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