Admin can create an availability request to check which players are available before creating an event and inviting the players. This is a useful tool if you want to see the availability before setting up a match. The request will only be visible to the recipients you have chosen. Afterwards, you can create one or more events based on the responses.

Note: This feature is only available in UK, meaning that it is only possible if you have the country set to United Kingdom in your profile. 🇬🇧

How to create an availability request:

1. Click "+" to create a new event

2. Choose which group

3. Availability request

Set the date and time you want to check the availability for. You can also set a meeting time and place, as well as an answer deadline. It is also possible to set an automatic reminder to the unanswered.

How to create event from availability requests:

1. Open the availability request

2. Scroll down to the blue callout and press "Select people and create event".

3. When selecting recipients for the event, the members will be divided into sections: available, unanswered, declined, and other (the ones that were not included in the initial availability request). This makes it easy to only invite all members that set themselves as available, or include other members if necessary.

If an user is not host, and everyone that the user represents on the AR (either self or children) have been picked to participate in one or more events then the AR will not be visible anymore in the home events list or groups event list for the user. Admins will always see all availability requests inside the group event list, even if not host and not participant. But deleting the availability request after the event is created, will not affect the event you created from it.

You can also create multiple availability requests at the same time by opening the season planner -> and then choose "Availability request".

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