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Help article for clubs and groups setting up their first Spond Superdraw campaign.

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What is Spond Superdraw?

Spond Superdraw is a simple and fun way to raise money for any club or group using the Spond team management platform, which means the Spond app or Spond Club. It’s a three-times-yearly networked draw, so any club or group using Spond can sign up and, if you use Spond Club, it’s possible to add multiple groups to your campaign.

Prizes are provided by Spond and participating clubs or groups get to keep a percentage of any sales generated by their own members and supporters.

Why Spond Superdraw?

Many clubs and groups need a little help right now, and a lot of these are also struggling for volunteer resources and support. Here at Spond, we want to do our bit, and we believe that simple fundraising tools are a genuinely game changing addition to our sports team management platform. With Spond Superdraw, we do the hard work for you, so all you need to do is sell entries. Whether it’s fundraising for a specific project, new kit or simply to top up group funds, it’s one more tool you can try to keep the funds coming in, without taking hours of admin time.

How does Spond Superdraw work?

Spond runs one Spond Superdraw every calendar month. Clubs or groups can set up a campaign and join the draw at any time up to seven days before the draw takes place.

  • Spond Superdraw is free to set up. The draw is syndicated and all prizes are supplied by Spond, which means you get to keep 65% of all entries sold by your club or group. The other 35% is retained by Spond to cover administration of the draw, payment processing and the prize(s).

  • The prize(s) will change each month and will be clearly advertised on the draw pages in the Fundraising section of the Spond app.

  • Admins setting up a campaign can nominate members to sell entries for Spond Superdraw, and they will each receive their own personal selling page. For members under 18, this will be controlled by their nominated parent or guardian.

  • All aspects of the draw itself, apart from sale of entries, are managed by Spond, which means you can focus all your energies on maximising sales for your club or group.

What do you get with Spond Superdraw?

Spond will manage all aspects of the campaign, so you can focus on selling entries to raise money for your club or group. You will get:

  • A dedicated page for your Spond Superdraw campaign based on the details provided by you, including sales figures for your club or group and details of which members have sold the most entries.

  • Individual selling pages for all members nominated to sell Spond Superdraw entries.

  • Processing of payments.

  • All prizes are paid out and/or paid for by Spond.

  • Management of Spond Superdraw itself and selection of the winners.

  • Verification of the identity and eligibility of the prize winners and payment/delivery of the prize.

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