Spond Club: How to generate a refund

Guidance for admins wishing to generate a payment refund in Spond's club management solution - Spond Club

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As there can be several reasons for a club to do a refund, we have created a flexible solution that will cover all situations.

You can do refunds on payments done in the Courses & Academies feature, as well as in payment requests that are created in Spond Club. Refunds are not available for payments created in the app.

There is no transaction fee on a refund.

When creating a refund, you can go to Courses and Academies or Payment requests and click the three dots on the right for the member/members you want to refund. You can choose to refund one or bulk refund several members at the same time.

When marking the members you get two choices - Cancellation or Refund.

If you choose to refund or cancel a registration you will get options on what you want to do, either cancel a refunded registration or refund a cancelled one.

When choosing refund you get three options:

  • Refund the whole amount. This means that the clubs will lose the transaction fee.

    • Australia: 5% + AU$0.50

    • Canada: 5% + CA$0.50

    • Ireland: 2.5% + €0.20

    • United Kingdom: 2.5% + £0.20

    • USA: 5% + $0.50

  • Refund the amount without the transaction fee. This means that the guardians/ members will lose the transaction fee.

  • Refund a chosen amount - for example if you are only refunding one out of three days (This option is currently not available if you do a bulk refund).

NOTE: We recommend that you update your terms and conditions to notify them about the transaction fee if you choose the option that a parent/guardian or member will not be refunded the transaction fee.

The guardians/ members will receive the money on the same card they used when registering. It can take up to 5 -10 days before they receive the money.

Each club has a credit limit. The amount that is used on refunds will be deducted from the clubs next payout. The reports will be equivalent.

If the limit is reached you will need to request a higher limit. You can see how you can do this here.

Below is an overview over the different credit limits.

  • Australia: AU$1,500

  • Canada: CA$1,000

  • Ireland: €1,000

  • United Kingdom: £1,000

  • USA: $1,000

If a club has not received any payouts within three months, Spond will invoice you for the credit you have used on refunds.

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