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Spond Club: How to set up a course or event in Courses & Academies

Using the Courses & Academies feature in Spond's club management solution - Spond Club

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The Courses & Academies feature in Spond Club enables organisers to easily create and manage courses, camps, and events. This feature, formerly known as Course Registrations, offers customisable registration forms, flexible product options, and varied pricing structures. Additionally, it supports external registrations, custom fields for non-members, and the inclusion of terms and conditions or photo consent requirements. This comprehensive tool ensures a streamlined registration process, making it effortless to organise and manage participant details.

Step-by-Step Guide to Courses and Academies

  • Navigate to 'Courses & Academies': Go to the menu and select 'Courses & Academies'.

  • Create a New Activity: Press the 'New form' in the top right corner.

NOTE: The Courses & Academies feature in Spond Club was previously called Course Registrations.

  • Fill in Basic Information: Provide essential details about the course or activity, including the title, description, and date. Choose whether the registration form should be available in the course overview or only via a sharing link, which you can distribute by email or social media.

  • Set Up Products: Add one or more products for your course. Specify the price if you want members to pay for registration. You can also set up a recurring subscription.

    • Product Options: A product can have multiple options, such as different participation days.

    • Pricing for Extras: Define the price for optional extras and offer bulk discounts by adjusting the total price for multiple options/items.

  • External Registrations: Decide if you want to allow external registrations. Determine the fields non-members must complete to ensure you have all necessary information about non-members attending.

  • Custom Fields: Add any custom fields specific to non-members, such as indicating their current skill level in your sport. Decide if participants need to accept the club's terms and conditions and if photo consent is required for the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I generate a refund for a course or academy registration in Spond Club?

You can find a full guide to refunding payments in the Payments section of the Spond Help Center - How to generate a refund in Spond's club management solution - Spond Club.

How do I set up subscription payments in Spond Club?

You can find a full guide to setting up subscription payments in the Payments section of the Spond Help Center - How to set up Subscription Payments in Spond's club management solution - Spond Club.

Where can I see if a member has registered and paid for a course or academy registration?

There are two ways to look up if a member is registered in a course and to see what they have paid:

  • You can see it on the course itself on the list of Registrations or Registrations without membership ( non-members ). Go to Courses & Academies and find the course you are looking for, then choose the tab for Registrations.

  • You can also see it on the member directly in the section for Courses on their profile.

What happens after the attendees have signed up to a course or academy?

  • In the list of registered participants, you can filter by product, additional product, group affiliation for existing members, etc.

  • This makes it easy to put the participants in groups, for example based on product. You can create the groups in advance and these will be available in the Spond app as usual.

  • You can also cancel a single registration if necessary.

  • You can transfer registered people to members if they are not a member of the club before. Then you can add the members in groups. Of course, you can also add people to groups even if they are not members of the club, for example by creating another type of member. Then it will be easy to distinguish between only registered and ordinary club members.

  • You can send a message to all members, whether they are existing club members or not. The message will be sent to the Spond app if the person is already a club member or by email in other cases.

Can non-members sign up to a course or academy in Spond?

You can choose to let external non-club members sign up. They will be asked to provide information such as their name, contact information, address, etc, so that you can easily create club members at a later time if needed.

Setting up and managing courses, camps, and events in Spond Club is a streamlined process thanks to the Courses & Academies feature. With its range of customisable options, organisers can easily handle registrations, payments, and participant details, ensuring a smooth and efficient event management experience. Whether catering to members or non-members, this feature provides all the necessary tools to facilitate successful events from start to finish.

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