FAQs - Courses in the Spond App

How to respond to course invitations in Spond's team management solution: Spond App

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FAQs - Courses & Academies

FAQs - Courses & Academies

How do I sign up to a course in the Spond App?

When you're sent the link to an event registration form or select a course from a list of the club's courses, you'll be able to see all available products. If a product is sold out or has only a few places available, this will be clearly shown.

When one of the activities is selected, you'll have the opportunity to log in with your Spond profile. You will now be able to see all club members that you are responsible for so that you do not have to fill in this information again. In addition, the club does not have to deal with duplicates since the member already exists.

It is also possible to sign up without having a Spond profile, if this has been permitted by the event organiser. To ensure that registrations are genuine, non-members must verify their email address via a one-time password.

If any of the products cost need to be paid for, you will have to make the payment before the registration is valid. Payments are made by card using Stripe.

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