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Getting Help with Spond
Getting Help with Spond

Get help with the Spond app and Spond Club through our AI-supported Help Center and automated support.

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There are several ways to get assistance with the Spond app and Spond Club. Utilizing our AI-supported Help Center and automated customer support will provide the quickest solutions to most issues.

Spond Group Members, Guardians & Admins

  1. Log in to your app on your phone

    • Go to your profile

    • Select "Help Center"

  2. Using the Web Version

    • Log in to the web version of the app to access the Help Center directly.

Our Help Center is designed to answer most questions quickly. Please search there first to find solutions. If your query isn't resolved, you'll have the option to send us a message.

Spond Club Admins

  1. Log into Spond Club

If you open the user guide from the Spond Club menu, you'll remain logged in when navigating to the Help Center.


If you contact us from our website or the Help Center without logging in, response times may vary. Logging in ensures you receive prioritized support and a more efficient resolution process.

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