Spond Club: How to set up Subscription Payments

Guidance for admins wishing to set up subscription payments for courses, fees and products in Spond's club management solution - Spond Club

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You will find Courses and Academies with the subscription payments under 'Forms' in the Spond Club menu. To create an activity, select 'New form'.

  • Start by inputting the basic information about the course or activity. Amongst other things, this includes title, description and date.

    • In addition, you can specify whether the registration form should be available in the course list or whether it should only be available via the sharing link, which you can share via email or social media.

  • Even if the event is free, you still need to add a bank account. You can set see how to set this up here (LENKE).

  • After the basic setup is complete, you can add your products. You have the ability to add different product variations and prices - and a maximum availability per product.

  • If you want members to have recurring payments, you can set this per product by choosing 'Enable subscription' when you set up the product.

  • You can also set up an optional product, but if you want it to be recurring, it will follow the setup of the main products.

  • After you have set up the products, you can choose how long the payment should be active, set monthly price adjustments and a notice period.

Signups after the course has started

You decide how you will process members that register after the course has started. You can choose how the current month should be charged upon registration.


  • Only charge for current month when there are more than X days of the month remaining.

  • Always charge for current month

  • Never charge for current month

  • Make current month optional upon registration


  • The membership fields you have previously set up in Spond Club will be available and you can choose whether they should be required, optional or not visible.

  • You can also add your own additional fields that will apply to this particular registration form in addition to asking for consent for club conditions and voluntary consent for photo use.

NOTE: The additional fields will not be saved on the member view, only in correlation to the course.

  • When you've finished setting up the registration, you will be able to see the summary page where you have an overview of both the products, how many slots remain and how many who have signed up.

  • You will also find a sharing link. You can copy this and share it with others via email or social media - or add it to your website. You can also choose to send invitations to existing club members or guardians.

  • Members and parents/guardians can view and manage their subscriptions in the Spond App, so they know exactly what they’re paying, and when.

How does subscription work for the members?

When a member opt in on a subscription they(or their guardian) can see and manage the subscription in the app when clicking on Payments.

If their card is expired they will get a push notification in the app, people who do not use the app get an email. They will also receive a receipt after each payment on their email. The member can change the card there and also cancel the entire subscription.

If a member has left the club or the club for some reason want to stop a subscription the club admin can exempt rest of payments.

See more about how it works for member here.

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