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Spond App: How to Setup and Manage Tasks on Events

You can apply individual tasks to events in Spond's team management solution - Spond App

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With training, matches and other events, there are many tasks that need to be allocated, such as driving, catering or washing the strips. In Spond, group admins can now add tasks to an event, which can be assigned to specific parents or guardians, or left open for volunteers to sign up for.

Admins can assign tasks to anyone in the group, without the person having to be invited to the event. Members, guardians and administrators can be assigned tasks. The task will be listed as Awaiting confirmation, until the assigned person accepts or rejects it. It’s also possible to directly message those who have been assigned to a task, either via a group chat or separate messages.

If the task is open to everyone, you can specify how many people are needed to carry it out. When enough volunteers have signed up, the task automatically becomes unavailable to others.

Admins can also specify whether junior members should be able to take the task. If a task is assigned to a child, a parent or guardian will need to accept it on their behalf.

To create a task:

  1. Create a new event

  2. Scroll down to Add task and press New task.

  3. Enter the title and a description of the task, and say whether it should be open to everyone or specific people.

When a task is created, you can choose to save it as a template so that it comes up as a suggestion the next time you create an event. In the group settings, you can see an overview of the saved templates in the group, and you can also create new templates directly from there.

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