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FAQs - Getting Started - Spot the Ball 🇬🇧
FAQs - Getting Started - Spot the Ball 🇬🇧

Answers for group admins starting their first Spot the Ball campaign in Spond's team management solution - Spond App

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FAQs - Getting Started with Spot the Ball

FAQs - Getting Started with Spot the Ball

What will Spond give me when I set up my Spot the Ball campaign?

Spond will give you the following:

  • A dedicated page for the prize competition based on the details provided by you.

  • The Game on the prize competition page for the duration of the prize competition.

  • Managing the competition, including the image and the panel of judges to pinpoint the location of the ball.

  • Processing of payments.

  • Provision of the prize if supplied by Spond, verification of the identity and eligibility of the prize winner and delivery of the prize to the prize winner.

Will Spond help me to set up my first Spot the Ball campaign?

Yes. The setup process for prize competitions is simple and straightforward. We take you through it step by step and there is even a brief video at the beginning to show you how it works.

When will my Spot the Ball campaign start?

You choose the start time and date of your campaign in the Spond app. All campaigns run for seven days from the time you set them live.

Can I choose the Spot the Ball image?

You can choose from Football, Rugby and Cricket-themed Spot the Ball images. The exact image will be chosen by Spond.

Can I put in my own copy to name and describe my group's Spot the Ball campaign?

Yes. You will be asked to provide both a name and a description for the prize competition, giving you the opportunity to briefly outline what the funds that will be received will be used for.

Are campaigns reviewed by Spond before they go live?

No. As all prize competitions are set up using Spond’s pre-approved step by step competition engine, we know they are fully compliant and you can therefore set your campaign live immediately.

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