FAQs - Marketing - Spot the Ball 🇬🇧

Guidance on marketing for group admins running a Spot the Ball campaign in the Spond App.

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FAQs - Marketing - Spot the Ball

FAQs - Marketing - Spot the Ball

Will Spond provide a landing page for the campaign?

Yes. A landing page will be created automatically when you set up your prize competition. This can be used in any marketing activities you undertake.

What do I need to do before I can market a campaign?

To market your fundraising campaign, you must:

  • Confirm that you have the consent of the individuals you intend to add to the prize competition, and add only those individuals whose consent you have obtained.

  • Select the appropriate options from the campaign settings menu, including the type of campaign, prize percentage and sales target.

  • Confirm whether or not the organisation is a legal entity or a group/team.

Are there any codes or regulations I need to be aware of when promoting my campaign?

In marketing and promoting the prize competition, you shall at all times comply with:

  • The UK Code of Non-Broadcast Advertising and Direct and Promotional Marketing (CAP Code)

  • The terms and conditions of any social media platform on which you choose to market or promote the prize competition.

  • The Code of Fundraising Practice.

  • Any other applicable laws, rules, regulations or industry codes.

  • We recommend that you read the Code of Fundraising Practice, available on the Fundraising Regulator’s website (www.fundraisingregulator.org.uk) before marketing a prize competition.

What do I do if someone does not want to receive communications about the campaign?

You are responsible for informing all members of a group that you intend to enrol them in a prize competition and seeking confirmation that they wish to participate. If someone reports that they do not want to participate, you must unsubscribe them from the campaign. This does not mean that you need to remove them from the Spond app itself, only from any communications connected to the fundraising competition.

Can I amend a campaign once I set it live?

You are responsible for providing all required information during the set up of a prize competition. All information must be true and accurate. Once you have agreed to market a particular prize competition, the information and the choices selected may not be amended without the permission of Spond.

Campaigner acknowledges that Spond may be subject to legal and regulatory restrictions on amending or cancelling a prize competition once it has commenced.

Can I market the campaign outside the UK?

While there is no specific block to people outside the UK playing the prize competition, and it may or may not work if they attempt to do so, you should not market or promote the prize competition to anyone outside the UK.

Can I produce my own marketing materials for the campaign?

Yes, provided you ensure that all marketing materials clearly set out all significant terms of the prize competition, make clear that Spond is the competition organiser and include a prominent link to the full Competition Terms.

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