Spond App: How does the file storage work?
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Files can be uploaded in many ways in Spond and we have also created a file storage in each group. Learn how to add files in other ways in the article Can I add files/attachments?

Why we created the storage:

  • To have a place for important files and links in each group

  • To help administrators differentiate files/links for members and for admins only

How It Works

You will find the file storage in the group menu and you can add a new file, link, or folder by using the "plus" button in the app.

On desktop, you can add files by going into "Files" in the menu and clicking on "Add files".

You can create folders, files, and links that can be set for all members or for admins only. If they are set to be for the admins, all admins will be able to see them.

All admins can be set up to upload files where those who cannot upload, can only view them.

It is only admins that can upload files, not members.

Folders with a lock are only visible to admins.

File formats and sizes

You can upload pdf, docx, excel files, png, and jpg images.

There’s a hard limit for attachments and pictures at 100 MB.

We don’t currently have a limit on the number of files that can be uploaded per person or group.

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