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Spond App: How does Spond's Spot the Ball fundraiser work? Guide for group admins 🇬🇧
Spond App: How does Spond's Spot the Ball fundraiser work? Guide for group admins 🇬🇧

What is Spot the Ball and how to start a fundraising campaign for your group in the Spond App.

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How can I raise money for my club with Spot the Ball?

With Spond’s Spot the Ball competitions, you can set up a campaign to raise money for your club or other non-commercial organisation. We offer a platform for you to easily create an individualised Spot the Ball prize competition. Spond will run the prize competition and pay you for marketing the competition. The amount earned is based on the total entry fees received by Spond less agreed fees and costs.

How much will my organisation benefit from this fundraising campaign?

A total 75% of all proceeds will be given to your group. The only thing that comes out of this fund is the giftcard prize supplied by Spond, which can be worth anywhere from 5% to 25% of total sales, a figure that's decided by you. Here’s an example where Acme FC sets up a campaign in the Spond app with a 25% prize level and sales of £1,000:

  • Total sales = £1,000

  • Spond management fee (25%) = £250

  • Value of prize giftcard, supplied by Spond (25%) = £200

  • Income for Acme FC = £500

What can my group use the funds for?

The funds must not be used for personal purposes or commercial purposes, and should be used exclusively for the purpose set out when you set up the prize competition.

Will my group receive a report on sales from the campaign?

Spond will keep a record of all entry fees and income received for each prize competition. On request, Spond will provide you with a report outlining the entry fees received, fee deducted and total income. Inside the campaign in Spond you can download an excel spreadsheet with this information.

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