FAQs - Requesting and receiving payments in Spond Club

Questions for club admins making payment requests in Spond's club management solution - Spond Club

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FAQs - Requesting and receiving payments in Spond Club

FAQs - Requesting and receiving payments in Spond Club

What are the transaction costs for payments made in Spond Club?

Here is an overview of the transaction fees charged by Spond in various jurisdictions. These includes transaction costs for our payment partner, Stripe.

By default, the transaction fee is covered by the club. (The transaction fee is calculated from the total amount paid, and the club is left with the price)

If the club wishes the members to cover the transaction fee they have the option to choose this. (The transaction fee is added on the total price) of the products minus this fee.

If the club wants the members to cover the transaction fees, they have the option to choose this. A transaction fee is then added, so that the club is left with the price of the products after the calculated transaction fee is deducted.

EUR (Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain)

2.5% + €0.20

GBP (United Kingdom)

2.5% + £0.20

USD (United States)

3.29% + $1.00

AUD (Australia)

5% + AU$0.50

CAD (Canada)

5% + CA$0.50

CHF (Switzerland)

2.5% + CHF0.20

NOK (Norway)

2.99% + 2 kr

DKK (Denmark)

2.5% + 2 kr

SEK (Sweden)

2.5% + 2 kr

Why does the payment request recipient receive an error message when they press the payment link in the email?

It may be that they downloaded the app while you were creating and sending out the payment request. Ask them to go into the app to check if it appears under Payments.

For payment requests in Spond Club, what does 'End date' mean?

End date indicates how long a payment request is valid for. After the end date, you will not be prompted to add new members who are eligible to receive the request, although payments can still be made.

What can I do if I reach my credit limit in Spond Club?

If you have reached your credit limit you will need to apply to Spond for a higher limit.

Below is an overview of default credit limits in key jurisdictions:

  • Australia: AU$1,500

  • Canada: CA$1,000

  • Ireland: €1,000

  • United Kingdom: £1,000

  • USA: $1,000

If you run out of credit, you will be notified when you try to process a refund. You can request a higher credit limit in the same window.

You'll need to let us know why you need a higher credit limit and the requested new amount.

If a club has not received any payouts within three months, Spond will invoice you for any credit you have used on refunds.

How can I amend a live Spond Club payment request for a specific member?

NOTE: This is an example for UK club where the currency is set to GBP. You can select your local currency.

  • To update a payment request, find the payment request in Spond Club.

  • Scroll down to Recipients.

  • Select the members whose payment you wish to amend.

  • After pressing Edit, you can deselect the product or change the price. You can also remove individual products.

When you press Save, the payment request will be automatically adjusted in the member's Spond app, or they will receive a new email.

How can I amend a payment request after it has been set live?

NOTE: This is an example from an UK club where the currency is set to GBP. Payments will be in local currency.

To exempt or change the price of a member from a payment, you must go to the payment request and scroll down to recipients. Here you can go to the member in question and click 'Edi't.

After pressing edit, you can uncheck the product to exempt or change the price. You can also exempt for individual products.

When you save, the payment request will be automatically adjusted in the member's Spond app, or they will receive a new email.

How can I amend or exempt an existing instalment payment?

If you have a payment request that is an instalment payment type, you can amend amount / price and due date on a member when it is Not paid. After it is paid you can not change it anymore.

You can also exempt and Not paid instalment payment on a member if the payment is not relevant anymore. This is done like ordinary exempt, by going to Edit on the member in the payment request..

⚠️ It is not possible to exempt an ongoing instalment payment.

How can I send an automated reminder for a payment request made in the Spond Club?

When the payment deadline has expired, a 'Send reminder' button will appear next to the payment request in Spond Club.

When you first press 'Send reminder', nothing will be sent out yet. After pressing 'Send reminder', you can select who will receive the reminder.

The reminder will be sent both by email and to the Spond App. Users who don't have the app will receive it by email.

How can I send an personalised reminder message for a payment request made in Spond Club?

You can send a message to users with outstanding payment requests to tell them about any consequences of non-payment - ie. Members who have not paid their subs will not be allowed to train after X date:

  • Go to 'Payment request' and select the payment request you want to send a reminder for

  • All overdue members will be listed

  • When you select the users you want to message, a 'Send reminder" button will become active

  • Draft your message and press 'Send'

Where can I see if a member has registered and paid for a course registration?

There are two ways to look up if a member is registered in a course and to see what they have paid:

  • You can see it on the course itself on the list of Registrations or Registrations without membership ( non-members ). Go to Courses and Academies and find the course you are looking for, then choose the tab for Registrations.

  • You can also see it on the member directly in the section for Courses on their profile.

When will I receive payouts from Spond?

We will need to verify your personal information when you first register to receive payments from Spond. This should take a maximum of five days.

You can choose the payout schedule to be daily, weekly or monthly. You can edit this under Payments > Payment methods > View. You can also see what is pending in this section.

Please Note: Due to regulations, our payment provider (Stripe) is required to hold funds for a minimum of 7 days after they are received. This means the earliest your payments will be paid out to your account is seven days after the payment is made, even if you select daily payouts.

Weekly payouts are made on Thursdays and monthly payouts on the 3rd of each month (or on the first working day after if the 3rd falls on a weekend).

How does Family Discount work?

There are two different types of discount you can use:

  • Percentage discount

  • Maximum price

Spond considers everyone with the same payment contact as a family.

  • The discount works the same way as when you shop online, which means you must have all the products in the shopping cart when you pay.

  • You must send the payment request out to everyone at the same time so that the discount applies to everyone in the family.

  • You can still give different prices per group or member type. Read more about how to make a payment request here.

Manual payment registration
If you need to manually register a payment request with the family discount, it's important that you distribute the payment amount to all members of the family and register a part on each family member. Read more about manual registration and invoicing.

How do I duplicate or archive a payment request in Spond Club?

To duplicate or archive a payment request, go into the payment request in Spond Club and click on the three dots on the top right corner. You will then get two choices:

  • If you archive a payment request, the members who have received it will still be able to make the payment.

  • If you duplicate a payment request ,you will need to add a title, but all the other information is pre-populated and the segments are chosen, so you can either send it straight away or make changes if you wish.

How can I add an independent payment contact in Spond Club?

An independent payment contact is useful when fees and payments are made by someone other than a parent or guardian.

For example, it may be a local authority providing funding for a child, or even a grandparent who does not wish to be a guardian on the Spond platform.

  • You can add an independent payment contact by going to the member and clicking Edit.

NOTE: An independent payment contact will not see any information about the member, just the payment.The independent payment contact will receive the payment request by email. If they have any group connection to the club, they will also get the payment request in the app.

How do I export a list of payment recipients?

Exporting a list of payment recipients is simple:

  • Go to the payment request and scroll down to recipients.

  • You can either Select all or filter; for example by group or payment status.

  • When you select the receipts you want to export, an 'Export' button appears.

What happens if a member has paid outside of the Spond App?

If the payment request is required (not optional) admin will be able to go to the recipient list and set the member as paid by selecting the member and then selecting 'Register payment manually', as shown below.

What do I need the IBAN number for?

The IBAN-number is an account number used for international payments, and is crucial if you are going to receive payments from overseas. The IBAN number identifies your bank account, and makes it possible to receive payments from an international bank. Spond use an international payment provider (Stripe) and is therefor dependant on the IBAN number.

How do I find my IBAN number?

You can usually find your IBAN number on your banking statement, your online banking or by contacting your bank directly.

(For Norway) Sparebank 1 has a website that allows everyone (regardless of which bank you have) to view their IBAN-number (link). You will have to specify your account number in order to access the IBAN-number. You can contact your bank if the attempt to find your IBAN-number through the Sparebank 1 website is unsuccessful.

How do I find my BSB number (Australia)?

A BSB (Bank-State-Branch) is a six-digit number that identifies the bank, branch and state that you opened your account in. The BSB code is used in addition to the bank account number to identify the recipient of a transfer.

You can usually find your BSB via your internet banking, your branch locator tool or bank statement. Please contact your bank if you are unable to locate it.

Why has Stripe asked me to add additional private owners?

Our payment provider, Stripe, is obliged to collect and confirm information regarding individuals owning 25% or more of the company in countries associated with SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), in addition to the person that represents the company. Stripe will attempt to check every owner, which means they may request more information, if needed.

To comply with local laws and regulations we, and our payment processor Stripe, may require that you verify your identity. Find out more.

NOTE: To avoid delays and inconvenience, please ensure that all additional private owner requests are responded to in a timely manner.

Why have I been asked to provide additional Payment Method Verification?

Due to relevant local and international laws on the handling of financial transactions, Additional Payment Verification is sometimes required in order to set up payments in the Spond App.

You can find out more about Additional Payment Verification here.

Why have I received an email about account verification from Stripe?

To comply with relevant rules and regulations, our payment processor Stripe may request that you verify your identity or other information relating to the payout method you have entered. This requirement is there to protect your security, to prevent money laundering and other financial crimes.

If missing verification information is not updated when requested, pending payouts will be placed on hold until the information has been uploaded and verified. Receiving payments to the account may also be temporarily disabled, which means members won't be able to make payments.

NOTE: To avoid delays and inconvenience, please ensure that all verification requests are responded to in a timely manner.

Why is my ID document not approved?

When uploading a document, be sure to update the information in Stripe as well to match the document. For example, address and organisation number.

If any of the information you update should not be approved, you will receive a new email and will need to update again. You will also see an alert under Finance > Club Accounts. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

Read more about document requirements on Stripe's website.

How do I find my transit and institution number? (Canada)

  • The transit number (five digits) identifies which branch you opened your account at (often called your home branch).

  • The institution number (three digits) identifies which bank you use.

You can usually find your transit and institution number in your checkbook, your internet banking or by contacting the bank directly.

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