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How to access Spond's T&Cs, Privacy Policy and other legal documents.

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In this section, you can find all of the legal documents that govern the Spond platform and interaction with our users. We know that most Spond users won't read them, but they are important nonetheless, and they're always accessible if you need them.

Terms of Use

Spond's Terms of Use govern all aspects of your use of the Spond platform and how you interact with Spond.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is a statement of all of the ways Spond gathers, uses, discloses and manages your personal, club and group data.

Cookie Policy

Spond's Cookie Policy is a legally binding documents that informs website and app users users about how Spond engages in data tracking and online privacy.

Data Processing

Our Data Processing policy explains who we process your personal and club data in the Spond Club interface.

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