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Overview - File Storage in Spond
Overview - File Storage in Spond

Store your files securely where you can always find them, in Spond's team management solution - Spond App

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Store and upload files in a secure space using Spond

With confidential data to look after, we've made it simple to store your files for each Spond group right here in the Spond App.

Group Storage

You’ll have your own place for important files and links in each group.

File Privacy

When uploading a file you can decide if these files can be seen by all members or for admins only.

Admin Management

Only admins can upload files meaning you can manage your storage effectively. You can add a new file, link or folder by using the + symbol in the app.

File Sizes

Whilst you're unlikely to run out of storage in the app, the size limit for attachments and pictures is 100 MB helping you and your members to load your files more efficiently.

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