Spond Club: How to create a payment request

Guidance for admins looking to create a payment request in Spond's club management solution - Spond Club

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Setting up and sending a payment request to a selected audience in Spond Club is quick and simple.

NOTE: This is an example from a UK club where the currency is GBP.

Setting up a Payment Request

Here is a video that shows you how to set up a payment request.

Set up your payment account

  • Go to Finance and then Club Accounts.

    • This is where you add your club accounts - where the money should be transferred to. You can add multiple accounts.

Create your first payment request

  • Go to Payment Requests and add a Payment Request.

  • Choose from all the preset account numbers.

  • Enter an end date - After this date, you'll no longer be asked to add new members to the payment request.

  • Set whether the payment request should be a one-time payment, instalment payments or flexible (let recipients choose to pay in full or by monthly instalments). You can read more about the payment types here.

If you're going to request payment for multiple products at the same time - ie. Training and membership fees - these will be credited to the same account. If you're going to request payment for multiple products at the same time - ie. Training and membership fees - these will be credited to the same account.

  • You can select from two different family discount structures, which can be found in the drop-down menu under Discount. Discounts can be based on a percentage or maximum price.

Spond treats all members with the same payment contact as a family. This means that you can send out fees to family members and regular members at the same time. The discount will only apply for the person who is a payment contact for several members.

If you only have a discount on ether training fee or membership fees, you cannot send these two at the same time/ This is because the discount applies to all products in the payment request. If you have different discounts on the two, they also need to be sent separately.

  • After filling in the payment details, press Next.

  • Select the Member Type and/or Groups you want to receive the payment request.

  • You can select all member types or groups at once and request different amounts.

When you send a payment request to a group, group admins will not receive the request unless individually specified.

  • Now, you can add any additional payments, including optional items.

  • Once you have set up your payment request, press Create. You'll still have a chance to review it before it's issued.

  • Choose which members you want to send the requirements to , based on the segments you selected in this previous step. You can find all who are eligible for this payment - based on your choices - by pressing Process at the top of the page.

  • You will now see list of all intended recipients. You can use the filter feature to find the ones you need to customize, or add/remove recipients individually.

  • You can exclude recipients or add bespoke settings - For example, some clubs may have a reduced membership fee for members from low-income households or for the second or third child in the same family.

Once you have made any individual settings, you can press 'Send' to set the payment request live.

You can now see who has received the payment request, whether they have viewed it, and their payment status.

Transaction fee

Spond has a fixed transaction fee. You can choose whether the club should pay this or members/guardians. You set this associated with the club account under "club settings" then "club account".

You can also choose to override the settings on the account for just one payment when you create the payment.

More info

Click here to see how you create an invoice and manually register a payment.

NOTE: If you want members to receive payment requests in the Spond app, they must be added to a group. If not, they will receive the payment request by email and SMS.

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