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Spond Club: Approving new members

How to approve new members in Spond Club and notify group admins in the process.

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Yes, a group administrator who has the ability to manage members will be notified in the app (or by email if they do not have the app) if a club admin adds a new member to their group in Spond Club.

  • Group admins can find and review the new members waiting for approval under Members inside the group in the app:

  • If approving one and one members, the group admin can add the new member to existing events.

  • If group admin approves all new members in one action, the new members will only be added to the group, not to existing events. For new events they can be included by choosing All.

  • If a member is deleted in the Spond app, the club admin will only be notified by email if this option has been selected in Spond Club. Go to Club Settings and Club Administrators to select which club admins should be notified when a member is removed from a group.

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